You can’t keep a good gym closed: Rhino’s Boxing to re-open July 1st

As they say, “Once a Rhino Boxer, always a Rhino Boxer.” The group above has this yearning to turn back the clock as if nothing has changed since they last met for a boxing class/workout. Begone all those nasty reminders of the dreaded Corona Virus. It’s again time to get back into tip-top form, their only priority.

Have you been longing to get back in the gym to work out at those oh-so-familiar heavy bags or the challenging speed bag? Or maybe you’d like to go three rounds with a mate who used to surprise you with his left hook? Gym owners Aram and Antoinette Yeterian have everything ready, everything squeaky clean, every piece of equipment in tip top shape to welcome you, your family and friends back to their Rhinos Boxing Gym with their official GRAND Re-opening to take place Wednesday, July 1st, with the doors opening promptly at 9 a.m. And as one daring individual put it, “Don’t forget to bring your gloves because there’s going to be a fight!”

As owners of Rhinos Boxing, home of champions, the team of Aram and Antoinette Yeterian, have worked countless hours over the past 12 plus years making their gym completely serviceable/compliant with the needs of their community. Their passion for helping the local youth goes far beyond the norm. It’s as if they relish their opportunity to be your surrogate parent. Some nights, it was a matter of staying open late until the delayed parent arrived, or the contrasting early arrival to accommodate those Professional boxers. They have helped train local and national champions, plus top amateurs as well as members who just want stay fit. It makes no difference whether you’re just starting out or you are well on your way to becoming a National Champion or a top Professional like the great Mercito Gesta who paid us a visit. Or maybe you’re someone hitting the punching bag for the very first time. Everyone is treated the same with the proper respect.

So, if you have a strong interest in winning or just the desire to learn the ropes, come join the rest of their gym members on July 1st.

Below is a collage of photos taken over the past twelve years.

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