Weigh-ins completed for tonight’s 15th Annual Battle of the Badges

Saturday, June 16, 2018, the majority of the combatants in this year’s 15th Annual National City CYAC Battle of the Badges Boxing Show to be held that evening on the historic USS Midway Naval Aircraft Carrier were in attendance for their mandatory check-ups and weigh-ins. Above we see the show’s organizers, (top, l to r) Board of Directors VP Victor Nunez, President Clemente Casillas, plus two local officials from the USA Amateur Boxing program, Willie Kuhn, Chief of Officials/Treasurer and the current President Hondo Fontane.

On Saturday morning, it was unusually cool with the temperature right around 60 degrees. Aboard the U. S. S. Midway Museum, the unexpected cooling of temperatures plus offshore breezes had most people wearing warm clothing, jackets, long sleeve flannel shirts and rubbing their hands together to stay warm. Not so for the purposeful, tough-minded boxers who had reported early for their physicals plus weigh-ins so they could compete in tonight’s 15th Annual Battle of the Badges Boxing Show. After being in serious training for several months, these athletes had the patience to stand there shirtless, pantless on the scale and await the confirmation they had made weight. All present made weight and now they will anxiously await tonight’s show. A crowd of 1,100+ is expected and the weatherman has predicted the temperature should rise to a more comfortable 66 degrees. Without further ado, here is your lineup and photos from the weigh-ins that hopefully will match tonight’s official bout sheet.

Blind in one eye and can’t see out of the other. Border Patrol agent/ National City CYAC Boxing Coach Edgar Sandoval was all of a sudden the center of attention and getting all pumped up by his sudden notoriety after so many people kept coming up to him and asking for a photo. His reaction to this sudden popularity? Straight-faced Sandoval either joked or was quite serious when he said, “Since everyone is asking me for a photo, I believe I should start charging people a $1.00.” Did Sandoval have no inkling that his job of escorting one of the Battle of the Badges VIP Guests, Fernando Vargas, the former 2X Boxing World Champion, might have been the reason for his sudden notoriety?

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