Results from the WCK Muay Thai Show of October 23, 2021

On Saturday, October 23, 2021, there was Dennis Warner and his trusty In Sync Productions Crew back at the Four Points By Sheraton Hotel in Kearny Mesa to present their latest offering, yet another thrilling WCK Muaythai Show. It has now been 30 years since Mr. Warner’s first show with many of his early prodigies going on to become International Stars with organizations like Glory Kickboxing, Strikeforce, Bellator and the UFC. As always a large crowd was in attendance to cheer on their favorites who had come from near and far. One fighter came all the way from the City of Brotherly Love, Philadelphia. Another had come down from San Francisco. The majority came from all over the Golden State, Long Beach to Imperial Beach. 

Bout #1, an IKF AMATEUR WOMENS “MODIFIED” MUAY THAI match at 126 lbs. with 3-2 minute rounds featured Jade Picasso of Fontana, Calif., 2-0, 5’2″ tall,  just 17 years old, training with Joe Davidson. Her monumental task involved taking on the more experienced Liav Cloughley of San Diego, CA, 0-0, AMMA: 0-1, 5’4″ tall, 24 year old who is being trained by Jhanex Alviz. For protection, the young ladies were asked to wear headgear along with shin guards.

The look of dread on the face of patrons sums up their concern for the 17-year-old’s safety.

With the majority of the offense coming from the older, more experienced Liav Cloughly (right), all three judges had no problem declaring her the winner over Jade Picasso (l).

                                 Team Parusa and their Coach Jhanex Alviz (c) celebrate Liav Cloughly’s victory.         

In Bout #2, an IKF AMATEUR “FULL RULES” MUAY THAI match at 147 lbs. with three 2 minute rounds had rookie Sebastian Garcia of San Diego, 5’7″ tall, 21-years-old, from the San Diego Combat Academy in Spring Valley, where he trains with Tony Palafox, making his Muay Thai Debut against the more seasoned Jesse Langarica from The Yard Muay Thai in Los Angeles, Calif. The 22-year-old Langarica is also 5’7″ tall and no doubt had more experience. Langarica has been training with Joe Schilling, the former Glory Kick Boxing Champion. In this match, the fighters were required to wear headgear, elbow and shin pads plus they were allowed to strike their opponent with their elbows. As the match progressed it became evident that Mr. Langarica was the more polished fighter and before long, there was the veteran referee Dan Stell raising up Langarica’s arm. The judges scores were no doubt surprising as Judge Cecil Peoples had Langarica winning, 29-27, Judge Ruben Rowell Jr. had Langarica winning every round 30-27, and Judge Pongsan Cheunniran scored the bout 29-28 in favor of Langarica which indicated he felt the match was much closer.

After discovering that Mr. Langarica was a big fan of Nick Diaz, we just had to do some probing into his background. On Twitter we discovered Nick Diaz who is now training for his upcoming (MMA) fight has been working out at Langarica’s gym. And one of Mr. Langarica’s Twitter quotes states: “We going to get him right for the comeback.” After Langarica’s dominating performance over Sebastian Garcia on Saturday night, there were additional remarks worth noting, like: “I just love to fight” Not that we’re in the business of forecasting, but you can bet we’ll be seeing a lot more of Jesse Langarica in the winner’s circle.

Bout 3, an IAMTF Women’s “FULL RULES” MUAY THAI Ranking Bout at featherweight (126 lbs.)  featured the 31-year-old, 5’4″ tall Allison Ross (record 0-2, Black Trunks) of San Diego who is being trained by Jesse Magnusen at The Boxing Club in La Jolla, Calif. In this match, she went down to defeat at the hands of the busier, taller and more accurate, 26-year-old, 5’8″ tall Rachel Belmont (1-2) of San Diego. Belmont trains with Shaun Sheperd at his brand new facility on Mira Mesa Blvd. in Mira Mesa, San Diego, Calif. The ladies wore headgear, elbow & shin pads and the use of elbows was allowed.

Rachel Belmont (blue headgear) had an answer or counter for every one of Allison Ross‘ moves. Her three punch combinations plus high kicks to the head led to her impressive victory.

After her victory, Rachel Belmont shares her delight with her dedicated coaches from the Pacific Roots Muay Thai Gym, it’s owner Shaun Sheperd (r) and fellow coach Adrian Morilla.

Bout 4, an IKF AMATEUR “FULL RULES” MUAY THAI match at 168 lbs. with 3 x 2 minute rounds featured the lightning fast Julian Hicks of San Diego, Calif., the 6′ tall, 22-year-old who is trained by Carl Gebhardt at Steel MMA & Fitness on Santo Road in what most people know as Tierrasanta, San Diego, Calif. 92124. Hicks was making his Muay Thai debut against Nick “Wally” Moses of Los Angeles, Calif., who was also making his Muay Thai debut. Moses stands 5’11” tall, is 32-years-old and is trained by Joe Schilling at the The Yard Muay Thai in Los Angeles.
For this contest, it was mandatory that the young men wear headgear, elbow & shin pads and during their contest they were allowed to use elbows. As it turns out, Mr. Moses, shown here being attended to after the fight by the fight doctor took a beating from Hicks who no doubt was on target with most everything he threw.

Bout #5. An IKF AMATEUR WOMEN’S “FULL RULES” MUAY THAI match at 126 lbs./featuring 3 – 2 minute rounds. The ladies certainly went nonstop with

Megan Washam (left) with the green and gold trunks from San Francisco, Calif. came out victorious and moved up to 4-0 after her victory over Marianne Re (right) from Las Vegas who with the loss drops to 1-5. The 5’8″ tall Washam is 26-years-old, and she’s trained by Saekson Janjira. She appears to be well along in her training and conditioning.
Marianne Re (Las Vegas, NV, IKF kickboxing now 1-5, is 5’5″ tall, 30-years-of age. Wearing the black trunks with the maroon stripe is now training with Renzo Aspirra and Sean Concepcion

The ladies went without headgear and shin pads. Bottom line, they put on a good show and went nonstop. Megan Washam appears to be the more proficient of the two. 

Bout #6. an IKF AMATEUR “FULL RULES” MUAY THAI bout at 130 lbs./3 x 2 minute rounds featured Dante Patron (left) of Spring Valley, Calif. 1-1, 5’8″ tall, 29-years-old,  who trains at Switch Muay Thai where he trained to make certain he was well prepared for the more seasoned and yet younger Rawand Mohhammad.
Rawand Mohammad of San Diego, Calif., record 2-3-1 is 5’7″ tall, 24-years old. He is trained by former standout John Vargas at his gym in National City. These young men wore headgear, elbow & shin pads with elbows being allowed. As expected their bout turned out to be a tough one with Patron having to make certain he threw more punches, landed more kicks to secure what appeared to be a onesided victory.

Bout #7. IKF AMATEUR “FULL RULES” MUAY THAI at 153 lbs./ 3 x 2 minute rounds featured
Brian Tyler (Chula Vista, Calif., 5-5, 5’10” tall, 8-5, is trained by Jessie Magusen of The Boxing Club
Eric Jung (Los Angeles, Calif., 8-8, Amateur Boxing 0-1, 5’10” tall, 28-years-old is trained by Joe Schilling                                     These young men will not wear headgear or shin guards. Elbows yes, elbow pads yes.

Dane Turney (San Diego, Calif., born 10-7-1, 5’9″ tall, 8-6-90, trained by Carl Gebhardt at Steel MMA
Jeremy Sanchez (Costa Mesa, Calif., 13-5, 5’10” tall, born 4-15-96, trained by Tyler Wombies at  

These young men will not wear HEADGEAR, elbows yes, elbow pads yes, no shin pads

Bout #9. IKF AMATEUR “FULL RULES” MUAY THAI / 165 lbs./ 3 x 2 minute rounds featured
Perris Thompson (Imperial Beach, Calif., 0-0,  5’11” tall, 7-8-03 is trained by Victor Beltran of the
Wyatt Heihn (Costa Mesa, Calif., 0-0, 6’2″ tall, 10-24-01 is trained by Bryce Krause, (714) 504-3457)

          Headgear, Elbow Pads & Shin Guards worn. Elbows allowed 

Bout #10. IKF AMATEUR “FULL RULES” MUAY THAI / 180 lbs. / 3 x 2 minute rounds featured
Dustin Lopez (El Cajon, Calif., 1-0, S: 1, 6’2″ tall, 8-2-96 is trained by James Gregory
Edson Perez (Carlsbad, Calif., 1-3, PKB/S: 5, 5’9″ tall, 9-8-90 is trained by Andy Scott.                                                  

Headgear, Elbow Pads & Shin Guards worn. Elbows allowed 

Bout #11, an IKF AMATEUR “FULL RULES” MUAY THAI bout with three 2 minute rounds featured the 5’10” tall, 34-year-old Marcus Masahiro Morishige of San Diego by way of Hawaii who now trains at the newly opened Pacific Roots Muay Thai gym in Mira Mesa. With his victory over Miguel Hernandez, Morishige is now 2-0. after his victory over Miguel Hernandez the 5’8″ tall, Miguel Hernandez trained by Shaun Shepard at the recent opened , San Diego, Calif.
going up against
Miguel Hernandez (San Diego, Calif.), 5’8″ tall, 23-years-old who trained with Jhanex Alviz and making his Muaythai Debut. 

         Headgear, Elbow Pads & Shin Guards worn. Elbows allowed

Bout #13, an IKF Amateur “Full Rules” Muay Thai bout featured the amazing comeback performed by the 22-year-old rookie Robert Cesena from Switch Muay Thai, Spring Valley. Here he is having his arm raised by referee Marc Reyes after being in, no doubt the Bout of the Night.” 

After the drubbing the rookie Robert Cesena took in round one, you had to figure there was no one in their right mind who was thinking Cesena would be going the distance against the tough Jetrick-Jan Gelacio. The same Gelacio who trains with Jesse Magnusen at the San Diego Boxing Club in La Jolla. After that drubbing in round one, you had to figure the referee was keeping a close eye on this contest. Plus the talk in the crowd, “This one won’t last that long.” It was more likely the patrons were thinking, ‘When do you suppose his corner will be throwing in the towel?’ 

That old axiom of “a show’s promoter saves the best for last” might not be coming true on this night. After that first Round, you had to figure Gelacio, already ahead one round to none on the scorecards may have felt, ‘How can I possibly lose?’ The cheers from his backers: “You’re doing great! Keep doing what you’re doing!” By all accounts, there was Gelacio safely ahead one round to none. The “in-between-round message” from Gelacio’s corner was likely: “You got this sucker right where you want him.”

Au contraire, the then, more focused Cesena got up from his stool with a renewed sense of purpose or as if he had just learned someone he knew had placed a very large wager on him to win. He just couldn’t let his backers down. At that point, he just had to win this second round to have any chance. And within a very short time, it appeared he had done just that.

Entering the third and final round, the now smiling Cesena remained focus. “If I could win the second round than I know I can win this final round.” His opponent, Gelacio, was likely trying to figure out what was happening. “I did so well in that first round.” Had he forgotten? He was now caught up in this whirlwind of disbelief. The favorite had now become the doubter.

The above photo taken after Robert Cesena’s come from behind victory over Jetrick-Jan Gelacio can’t possibly tell you the whole story. Suffice it to say, the forever smiling Cesena was able to keep his focus in an extremely tough come from behind victory. While his opponent Jetrick-Jan Gelacio simply loss his focus and it’s likely, he’s now devastated by his loss.

The very proud coaching staff to include the Switch Muay Thai gym’s owner Andy Delly Murad

It seems there’s always more than a few of these WCK bouts turning out like this. WCK Muay Thai which began in 1989 has now been thriving for 30 years, to the point of becoming the oldest, continuously run martial arts program on the air in the US. For those who watch WCK Muay Thai each Thursday at home, let it be known that this franchise has now developed quite a following, on Thursday evenings at 11 pm. & 12 am. (PST) CHANNEL 693. Continued success!

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