WCK Muay Thai returns to the Sheraton with a stellar line-up

Getting the proper recognition is certainly important these days. Whether it’s for catching the biggest fish, writing a best seller, directing a Hollywood Blockbuster, or painting a beautiful painting. Since tonight’s line-up at the Four Points By Sheraton Hotel in San Diego has some of the very best and most popular Muay Thai fighters in all the land, we thought it would be fun to test your ability to match their photo with one of the names from the tentative bout sheet which is below. If you call yourself a fan of the sport, then you should be able to match at least half of these athletes. If you can’t, shame on you. You need to start reading up on their exploits, visiting their gyms, or go to more of these exciting WCK Muay Thai competitions. First, you should play the memory game which is below and draw a line from the top photos to the written word. Before you know it, you will know all of the fighters and also know which are the current Champions in their weight class. Just like any the popular mix and match, memory games, you can print this makeshift game and begin drawing your lines from the photo to the written word. Just as these top Fantasy Football players do, you and your mates can challenge each other to see who is the best judge of talent before each of tonight’s Muay Thai clashes.

With there being a strong likelihood that additional fighters will be added to tonight’s fight card, we will have to add them later. 

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