Undisputed Fitness & Training Center in El Cajon celebrates Grand Opening

On Sunday, August 28, 2011, Undisputed Fitness & Training Center in El Cajon celebrated their Grand Opening.

Today in El Cajon, the Undisputed Fitness & Training Center at 117 East Main Street celebrated the Grand Opening of their new location. Management along with gym members and friends worked like the dickens right up until the last minute to insure their open house would be a day to remember. And the turn out? The place was backed – front and rear.


Gym member Matt Sayles (L) poses for a photo with the co-owner, Andy Murad after the two men sparred for three rounds. Before taking this photo, Mr. Murad had someone attend a cut over his left eye. Sayles caught Murad with a good overhand right. Photo: J. Wyatt

The Grand Opening celebration marks a tremendous achievement for gym owners, Stuart Sun and Andy Murad who increased their square footage three fold over a much smaller location further down the street.

MMA competitor, Sean Nejjar (C), fresh off his victory in Epic Fighting 7 on Friday night, poses for a photo with Estevan Morton (L) and Rawand Mohammad (R), after the youngsters gave the crowd a Muy Thai/Kickboxing exhibition. Photo: J. Wyatt


Undisputed's head boxing coach, Berlin Kerney IV (R) poses for a photo with one of his top amateur prospects Echo Ibrahimj. Photo: Jim Wyatt

As Mr. Sun so noted, “We feel like we’ve gone from the smallest apartment to this great big mansion. We’re thrilled by this new, state of the art facility which represents our commitment to the members. All the planning, perseverance and hard work of our staff has made it all possible.”

Entertainment, free food and lots of discussions about fitness, Muy Thai/Kickboxing, MMA and Boxing.

No one seemed more excited that Michael Tran, the gym’s general manager, “Food, drinks and the Mario brothers, it doesn’t get any better than this.”

The many invited guests are shown strolling about the new facility. Photo: Jim Wyatt

After giving their boxing demonstration, Matt Sayles (L) clowned around with Mario Harris (R). Photo: Jim Wyatt

Head boxing coach, Berlin Kerney, IV (R) has one of his students, Leon Bogdanov (L), demonstrate the drill of hitting the mitts. Photo: Jim Wyatt

(Left to right) coach Scotty Dingas, young boxers Eric Villalobos and Chris Diaz, plus coach John Vargas pose for a photo after their exhibition. Photo: Jim Wyatt

Everywhere you looked there were happy faces. It reminded you of one of those family reunions where everyone returned home to their roots.

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