Training & Nutrition Tips

Four things to remember on your way to becoming an MMA Star

Enclosed is an open letter to up and coming MMA Fighters¬†from the CEO of Epic Fighting, Jason Stewart 1. Focus on your accumulation of skills For your benefit and safety, your first priority should always be preparing yourself as a fighter. A common mistake I see fighters make is training very hard to get in […]

The Basics of Boxing

1. Your stance Loose, but compact – chin protected by lead arm shoulder and back power hand, head tilted forward, looking up through your eyebrows, turned off from your opponent with legs solidly planted about shoulder width apart, presenting as little of a target as possible.¬†Knees are bent, on the balls of your feet, groin […]

Ring Magazine article touches on the seriousness of a body shot

Ring Magazine article by Dr. Margaret Goodman, M.D. touches on the seriousness of a body shot Below are the highlights from an article written by Dr. Margaret Goodman in the October, 2011 issue of The Ring Magazine. Leave This Blank:Leave This Blank Too:Do Not Change This:Your email: 

Initial steps to becoming a great boxer:

Helpful suggestions you should consider when beginning your sojourn to become the next great champion of Boxing: 1. Listen to your body and take it slow and easy when you’re loosening up or doing your warm-ups. Never, ever, discount an injury, no matter how slight.

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