Training & Nutrition Tips

Your diet: a major part of a boxer’s success

With so many websites dealing with diet, where does one go when they need the best information? The Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Editor’s Podcasts is certainly a good start. The majority of their podcasts, hosted by Linda Snetselaar, Ph.D., RDN, LD from the University of Iowa, provide insightful interviews with authors, […]

Nutrition advice from Jessica Siegel, registered dietitian at Gelson’s Markets

When you think about it, the following thoughts from Jessica Siegel’s online advice column can be likened to free verse poetry: “I want you to keep in mind the importance of eating with gratitude and enjoyment. Practicing these things requires you to be present and mindful, not distracted and rushed. This approach will, in turn, help […]

WBC Nutrition Committee Advice

Great advice from the Chairman of the WBC’s Nutrition Committee Dr. Philip Goglia 9 NUTRITION BYTES: 1-            Water runs the show ½ to 1 oz per pound of body weight consumed daily 2-            Stay away from multi-ingredient starches 3-            Use fatty fish as a dinner protein 4-            Use one ingredient starches as breakfast and lunch energy […]

The Top Boxing Clubs/Athletic Facilities in San Diego

We often see these schemes advertising on the Internet, in magazines, newspapers and TV subjecting the public to a claim that they alone have judiciously ranked the different businesses in a certain impartial way that their impartial findings are not only exacting,full proof. As you and I know, that’s a bunch of hogwash because the […]

Certainly one of your top priorities – good nutrition

We all need an assist when it comes to our decision making. Especially the selections we make at the market. Do you confide in that man or lady who’s working in the produce aisle? Have you ever been upset when some of their products do not ripen? How can they sell produce that will never, ever, in […]

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