The Show must go on, so say 7 Tijuana Boxing Promoters

On Tuesday, June 23, 2020, at the popular eatery Mariscos Mi Puerto, seven of Tijuana’s respected Boxing Promoters met to announce their plans to move all of their upcoming shows to Rosarito.

Not unlike those stouthearted American Pioneers who scoffed at the dangers of Westward expansion and pushed on in their covered wagons to develop the Old West, the group of seven Tijuana Boxing Promoters The Champions Factory, Gonzalez Promotions, Round 13, War Promotions, MR Boxing Promotions, Quiñonez Promocionez plus Jibaros Boxing Promotions decided it was best and surely less expensive to move their boxing operations to Rosarito, B. C., Mexico at a time when this Corona Virus Pandemic has become a bit of a nightmare for all. After weighing the costs, the possible pitfalls, just as Top Rank may have done in regards to their partnership with the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas with their “Inside the Bubble” format, their Live Streaming of the fights arrangement with YouTube and ESPN on both Tuesdays and Thursdays, and finally following the requirements of the Nevada State Athletic Commission.

Papas & Beer has always been known as the ideal place to host a boxing show. Before the show, during the show and after the show people walk about enjoying the view, the fresh breezes and even a refreshing walk barefoot along the shore.

At this time, the Rosarito Boxing Commission under the leadership of Antonio ′′Cañas′′ Lozada has pledged their support to assist the seven promoters who are planning this major undertaking to prove that together they can run shows that are not only safe, not only in the interest of the combatants but safe for all to include the workers at the venues, the referees, the judges, the corner people, the announcer, etc. Attention to safety for all parties will become priority number one.

After researching the obvious travails/dangers/headaches/costs, the promoters now feel their plan is solid enough to announce the dates of their first seven shows and as far as workability with the Boxing Community, they feel this new arrangement is sound and will benefit everyone.

A detractor might be saying, “With the spreading Pandemic, why do it at all?” The answer given: “Sport has so many obvious benefits: 1) for the boxer, it’s their livelihood. It’s their way of making a living, putting food on the table. Plus, you can’t make a living in boxing unless you develop a fan base. 2) With a show ahead, the boxers remain fit and trim in a lifestyle which far out ways the negative possibilities which include turning into an unfit, couch potato. 3) The followers of this sport love Boxing, the drama and excitement. They think they know what’s about to happen and along comes the unexpected. 4) Boxing is a serious fat burning and muscle building/toning sport which builds strength, endurance, and flexibility. 5) Boxing builds one’s confidence from the standpoint of learning how to throw punches and fight back if that situation were ever to present itself. 6) Nothing comes close to the stress relieving power of boxing.

So, on Tuesday, after receiving the blessing of: 1) the Rosarito Boxing Commission, 2) the many athletes from North and South of the Border who have been preparing themselves for these upcoming shows, and 3) the seven determined Boxing Promoters who met on Tuesday, it appears as a group they’re all set to go full steam ahead with their revolutionary plan.

In view of the new mandates of temporarily performing their Boxing Shows behind closed doors and without an entrance requirement at the Box Office, this meant the simple fact of buying the new boxing gloves for each fighter per contest (estimated cost of $3,000 pesos per fight) as required by the new, local protocol in Tijuana, translates into an added expense of $30,000 pesos for each function of ten bouts, amongst the other expenses, which include hotel accommodations and food when hosting the foreign boxers at the same hotel for up to five days before each event in order to support the sponsorship of Television and Live Streaming, simply makes things totally unworkable for 90% of the local promoters, namely Champions Factory, Gonzalez Promotions, Round 13, War Promotions, MR Boxing Promotions, Quiñonez Promociones and Jibaros Boxing Promotions, as well as the numerous representatives of local boxers who would have to agree to comply with the new norm in order to continue this fight against COVID-19. Taking into consideration all of these matters, it is just far too excessive for them, namely the promoters and the boxing talent makers/sponsors. 

A separate notification (in Spanish) was seen on the Internet:


Los principales promotores de box de Tijuana convocaron a los medios deportivos locales el dia de ayer en Mariscos Mi Puerto para informar que el municipio de Rosarito y su H. Comision de Box a cargo del ex boxeador Antonio “Cañas” Lozada les abrio las puertas para realizar boxeo a puerta cerrada luego de que les parecio imposible economicamente cumplir con los requerimientos de nuestra localidad. Ante la medida de realizar temporalmente los eventos boxisticos a puerta cerrada y sin el ingreso en taquilla que esto significa el simple hecho de comprar un juego de guantes nuevos de boxeo por pelea (est. $3000 mn ) como lo requiere el protocolo local en Tijuana se traduce en un gasto extra de $30,000 mn por cada funcion de 10 peleas, entre otros gastos como el hospedaje y alimentos de los boxeadores foraneos en un mismo hotel desde 5 dias antes del evento que sin el apoyo de patrocinios o televisora se tornan inviable para el 90% de los promotores de Tijuana. Fabrica de Campeones, Promociones Gonzalez, Round 13, War Promotions, MR Boxing Promotions, Quiñonez Boxing, Jibaros Boxing asi como varios representantes de boxeadores locales coincidieron en cumplir con la nueva normalidad establecida ante el COVID-19 pero consideran excesivos para ellos como promotores y hacedores de talento boxistico los nuevos requerimientos para la realizacion de eventos boxisticos en Tijuana.

Show #1 Promocionez Quinonez July 10, 2020
Show #2 War Boxing July 11, 2020

Show #3, July 25, 2020 – Promociones Gonzalez

Show #4, July 31, 2020 – Round 13 Boxing Club
Show #5 August 1, 2020, Jibaro’s Boxing Promotions
Show #6, scheduled for August 8, 2020, MR Boxing Promotions
Show #7 scheduled for August 17, 2020 by Fabrica de Campeones
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