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You know who you remind me of?

After the male comedians, it’s only right we add a female comedienne like the irrepressible Sarah Silverman to our mix. Who does she remind us of? Her match would have to be a brunette with long beautiful locks, athletically inclined, a force who’s a bit domineering. Kalina Fernandez wearing the shades comes to mind. She […]

December to remember when Grant Hill stops by your gym

NBA legend Grant Hill has certainly been there and done that. The following photos are proof of that: In 1995, he joined Jason Kidd to receive the NBA’s co-rookie of the year award, then there were those one-on-one clashes with Michael Jordan and he also partnered with Jerry West and J. R. Smith in the […]

A festive St. Patty’s Day should last a full week

In this article, we’re going to break many of the rules of good journalism: 1) like staying on topic, 2) getting too personal and using the pronouns “I and We” and 3) we’re going to set aside the notion of objectivity, never showing any sign of favoritism or prejudice. That’s all hogwash anyway.

Worst MMA fighters ever

Worst fighters ever, plus the distinction between Guts and Balls

Too often, only the very best fighters get our attention. Think about it. Where would they be without the losers? The journeymen boxer with that “L” stamped on his or her forehead. The fighters who are willing to make the superstar’s life so rewarding, make them popular and of course make them filthy rich.

Some boxers will do anything to win over the crowd

The following videotape is from a night spot in Moscow, Russia, circa 2006, showing this one gentleman who was willing to go to any length in order to entertain the spectators. To start with, this young man had an unusual haircut and was continually allowing his opponent to take the first punch while he kept […]

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