Sean Loeffler and his Compound MMA Gym move to new location

We’ve all heard the tales of the hoarder who kept collecting things and before long ran out of space to store his treasures. Well, it appears that’s what happened to Mixed Martial Artist, Black Belt, Pro Boxer Sean Loeffler, who recently moved from 3803 Oceanic Dr., Ste. 203, Oceanside, Calif., 92056 in a large Industrial Complex, a few miles down the highway to an even larger facility at 1401 El Camino Real, Suite 1107, Oceanside, Calif. 92054. Important to note: the telephone number also changed from 1-760-966-0776 to 1-424-241-9101.

It’s difficult keeping up with someone who is as active, as rambunctious as Sean “The Destroyer” Loeffler. If you visit one of the various fighting sports websites either MMA or Boxing, you’d discover how active he is. He has now fought in 19 countries. As a light heavyweight Mixed Martial Artist, he has 31 wins, 5 losses, 13 KOs, 17 submissions after fighting for 20 plus promoters from the Xplode Fight Series toBellator MMA. His Pro Boxing record is easier to track. As a heavyweight, Loeffler has a record of 8-1, with 8 KOs. He’s also taken part in the brand new Bare Knuckle Fights and has a record of 6-2. Born on May 23, 1982, in Hermosa Beach, Calif., he’s now 36-years-old. He stands 6’3″ tall and like many of today’s entertainers, he has a fair share of tattoos, often dyes his hair in outrageous colors plus he often indulges the Press by posing as a madman.

When you see the many photos of Sean “The Destroyer” Loeffler online from the many venues, it goes without saying Mr. Loeffler has certainly been there and done that.

The message board/posters around his gym speak volumes not only of Sean Loeffler’s friends/contacts but many represent a past show in which he was the featured fighter.

All but one of these gents were recently getting started with Head Boxing Coach Cris Getz (c), a former Kickboxing Champion who has been training kickboxing and boxing for over a decade. Getz: “After six months, you won’t believe how much these guys will have learned.”

The often unusual equipment at this gym make the Compound MMA Gym a unique place.

After hearing an excuse why someone couldn’t show up for a training class, Loeffler would often go out of his way to eliminate that excuse. Like the one about taking care of their kids. He introduced a play area. The young lady on the left made good use of a spare jump rope.

Like the Mama hen who’s always looking out for her chicks, Sean Loeffler can be demanding, the same way Mike Ditka pushed “Da” Bears to dominate in the National Football League.

(top left) Loeffler talks over his day with his daughter, certainly one of his most important confidants. In the beginning, we all need help to gain the results we want. Whether it’s to earn a black belt or a first victory in the cage or ring. Overview: The Compound MMA is one of the more serious gyms with a great many key coaches on staff.

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