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Proof positive Boxing remains one of the most popular Sports locally

If there was ever a time when we could entertain the thought of Boxing going down for the count, it is now with this horrendous pandemic. And yet, if you were to visit the pages of Facebook and see all these local USA Amateur and Professional Boxers from the 62 plus gyms in San Diego […]

Who’s to blame for the Seniesa Estrada walk over of Miranda Adkins?

With the fight lasting just seven seconds, we had to be creative and show our limited snapshots from several different angles. The photos from various angles give you an even better perspective. In summation, we believe the fight between Adkins and Estrada should never have taken place. The evidence of Miranda Adkins’ shortfalls in the […]

You know who you remind me of?

After the male comedians, it’s only right we add a female comedienne like the irrepressible Sarah Silverman to our mix. Who does she remind us of? Her match would have to be a brunette with long beautiful locks, athletically inclined, a force who’s a bit domineering. Kalina Fernandez wearing the shades comes to mind. She […]

First of seven Boxing Shows premiers in Rosarito, Mexico

The following declaration from Mr. Quinonez is an expression of his thoughts plus the sentiments of the other eight boxing promoters who have agreed to forge a mutual alliance to help each other continue their efforts in support of local Boxing. “As far as my latest show of Friday, July 10, 2020 at Papas & […]

After another masterful performance, you decide: was it all for naught?

How old is “La Princesa Azteca”? The way she controlled the flow of this bout versus the 35-year-old Estrella “Chacala” Valverde, somebody might want to check her birth certificate. Respecting the scourge of this horrific COVID-19 pandemic, our local heroine was masterful in her beat down of the game but surely outmatched Valverde who had […]

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