Results from Epic Fighting 35 Friday, August 18, 2017


Another classic MMA show is in the books. With its 19 bouts, this Marathon of MMA bouts began on Friday, August 18th and didn’t finish up until well past midnight on August 19, 2017. Thirty-eight gladiators did battle representing 24 fight clubs.

Mary Almario of Stanton, Calif. surveys the surroundings just before her MMA debut versus Julianna Miller of the San Diego Combat Academy (1-0).

Likewise, across the cage, Juliana Miller prepared for her second MMA fight.

With the struggle being on the ground, this gave Miller a decided advantage.

At the conclusion of Bout #1, we see referee Jason Herzog raising the arm of the victorious Juliana Miller.

Veteran Raihere Dudes sets his sites on defeating Brandon Fields in Bout #2.

Less than a minute later, Dudes is on his back in a most unfavorable position.

After the early submission, Brandon Fields (r) has his arm raised in victory.

Before leaving the cage, Brandon Fields (c) poses for one last photo with his proud support group from Ikusa Dojo in Redlands, Calif.

Bout #3: Kiara Ramos appears to have her opponent Tyler Schaefer on the run.

The “Money shot!” In most likely the best combat photo of the night, we see Kiara Ramos from the Guild MMA Gym, East Los Angeles unloading this big overhand right with the full-leverage power to the side of Tyler Schaefer’s face.

After her impressive TKO victory, Kiara Ramos has her arm raised in victory while Tyler Schaefer of Team Hurricane Awesome looks over with her shiner.

Before leaving the cage, Kierra Ramos posed for one last photo with her support group from the Guild MMA in East Los Angeles.

In Bout #4, Joshua Gilbert, shown here having his arm raised in victory, was quite methodical in the manner in which he controlled his opponent to ensure the unanimous decision victory.

The coach/owner of the gym where Josh Gilbert works out was beaming for joy when one of his star performers came through with yet another victory. Not long ago, coach Sean Loeffler was the one battling it out for the championship belts.

As the saying goes, “Turnabout is fair play.” Below we have photos of some of the most photogenic people from Friday evening’s Epic Fighting 35 show at the Four Points By Sheraton Hotel in San Diego. From the fighters to their loyal fans. We’d like to see how long it takes you to put a name or names with the photos. It’s a game of Name Recognition. If you would, email us that info to, and we’ll track who knows more of the right people. Don’t delay, because you will be on the clock.

It seemed the majority of Bout #5, between 30-year-old Jeremy Redfern of Team Kupa and 36-year-old Carlos Sutton of The Guild MMA of East Los Angeles was fought on the mat with hammer fists and chokeholds.

In a close one, the 30-year-old Jeremy Redfern (l), arms up in praise of the Lord, is ecstatic after getting the close split decision victory over Carlos Sutton.

Enrique Marte (l) has his arm raised in victory by referee Jason Herzog after securing the third round stoppage of Jacob Rockymore in Bout #6.

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