Muay Thai, one of those sports you never lose interest in

Show after show, there are more and more interesting people to meet. The promoter, Dennis Warner, now in his 30th year of presenting these WCK Muay Thai shows in both Los Angeles and San Diego will tell you, he’s had a 30 year love affair with the sport. And year after year, his shows keep getting better and better, more polished with combatants showing amazing heart. He’s of the opinion that if he could get everyone to watch just one show, they too would be hooked for life.

On Saturday, October 23rd, 2021, Mr. Warner’s latest show at the Four Points By Sheraton Hotel, 8110 Aero Drive, San Diego, Ca. features PRO & AMATEUR MUAY THAI WCK Full Rules bouts with the talented fighters coming from near and far.










In BOUT 1 they have Jade Picasso (right) of Fontana, Calif., record 2-0. She stands 5’2” tall, born on 6-11-04, that makes her 17-years-old. She is coached by Joe Davidson. They’ll be going up against Liav Cloughley (left) of San Diego 0-0, AMMA: 0-1, who’s 5’4” tall, born 12-29-96, 24-years-old. She is coached by Jhanex Alviz.

BOUT 2 IAMTF Welterweight Ranking Bout/147 lb./3-2 minute rounds has Sebastian Garcia (San Diego, CA, 0-0, 5’7” tall, born 1-14-01, 20 years-old coached by Tony Palafox going up against

Jesse Langarica (Los Angeles, Calif., 0-0, who is 5’7” tall, born on 8-24-99, 21 years-old, coached by one of the best Kickboxers ever Joe Schilling. 


IAMTF Women’s Featherweight Ranking Bout 126 lbs./3-2 min. rounds features April Ross of San Diego, CA, 0-1, 5’4” tall, born 7-12-89 and coached by Jesse Magnusen will be going up against Rachel Belmont (below) who is from San Diego, Calif. has an 0-2 record, stands 5’8” tall, born 3-17-95 which makes her 26 years of age. She is coached by Shaun Sheperd who only recently opened up a brand spanking new facility at 5955 Mira Mesa Blvd. in the Mira Mesa area of San Diego. 


IAMTF Super Middleweight Ranking Bout/168 lbs./ 3-two minute rounds features Julian Hicks (San Diego, Calif., 0-0, 6 foot tall, born 12-30-98, 20-years-old, coached by Carl Gebhardt of Steel MMA going up against Nick Moses (Los Angeles, Calif., 0-0, 5’11” tall, born 7-5-89, 32-years-old, coached by Joe Schilling 


IAMTF Women’s Featherweight 126 lb. Ranking Bout with 3-two minute rounds features Megan Washam from San Francisco, CA, 2-0, who stands 5’8” tall, born 1-4-95, 26 years old, coached by Neungsiam Samphusri. She will be taking on Marianne Re of Las Vegas, Nevada, 5’6” tall, born 6-26-91, 30 years-old, coached by Renzo Aspirra


IAMTF Super Featherweight Ranking Bout/130 lbs. with 3/2 minute rounds features Dante Patron of Spring Valley, Calif., 2-1, 5’8″ tall, 29-years-old and coached by Andy Murad.

Patron will be going up against the 24 year-old Rawand Mohammad (San Diego, Calif., 2-3-1, 5’7” tall) who is coached by John Vargas. 


IAMTF Super Welterweight Ranking Bout/153 lbs./3-two minute rounds has Brian Tyler (Chula Vista, Calif., record 5-5, S: 1, 5’10” tall, born 8-5-88, 33 years-old, coached by Jesse Magnusen going up against Eric Jung (Los Angeles, Calif., record 8-8, 5’10” tall, born 12-5-92, 29-years-old, coached by Joe Schilling


IAMTF U. S. Lightweight Title Bout/135 lbs./5-two minute rounds for the Promotional Title featuring

Dane Turney (San Diego, CA, 10-7-1, 5’9” tall, 31-years-old, who is coached by Carl Gebhardt                                  his opponent is Jeremy Sanchez (Costa Mesa, CA, 13-5, 5’10” tall, 25-years-old, coach Tyler Wombies

                               Next up it is Wyatt Heihn of Costa Mesa, Calif. who is making his Pro Debut. He

                               stands 6’2” tall and kicks like a mule. Born on 10/24/01, Mr. Heihn is planning

                               on celebrating not only his victory on Saturday night but his 20th birthday on

                               Sunday, the day after the fight. His coach, Bryce Krause, stated, “Wyatt is an

                               extremely focused fighter and I don’t know anyone in their right mind that would

                               want to face him on the night before his birthday.” 

BOUT 10 is an IAMTF Light Heavyweight Ranking Bout/180 lbs./with 3-two minutes

                               rounds with Dustin Lopez (El Cajon, CA, 1-0, 6’2” tall, 25 years-old. He is coached

                               by James Gregory versus Edson Perez (Carlsbad, Calif., record 1-3, who stands

                               5’9” tall, born 9-8-90, 31-years-old, trained by Andy Scott.  

                               BOUT 11, an IAMTF Super Welterweight Ranking Bout/154 lbs. with 3-two minute

                               rounds features Marcus Masahiro Morishige of San Diego record 1-0, 5’10” tall,

                               34-years-old taking on

Miguel Hernandez (San Diego, Calif., record 0-0, stands 5’8” tall, born 7/19/98, 23-years-old, trained by Jhanex Alviz 

BOUT 12 IAMTF Featherweight Ranking Bout/126 lbs./3-two minute rounds


Robert Cesena (El Cajon, Calif., 5’8” tall, born 11-21-98, 22-years-old, trained by Andy Murad. vs Jetrick Jan (J. J.) Gelacio

(San Diego, CA), Pro Debut, 5’8” tall, born 12-17-96 (24-years-old), trained by Jesse Magnusen of The Boxing Club.


                                     IKF AMATEUR OFFICIALS

    • IKF CALIFORNIA Event Representative: Elaine Jojola
      • IKF CALIFORNIA Assistant Weigh-In Representative: Dan Stell
    • IKF Amateur Referees: Dan Stell & Marc Reyes
    • IKF Amateur Judges: Cecil Peoples, Ruben Rowell Jr & TBA
    • CSAC Chief Representative: Brian Morris
    • CSAC Referees: Dan Stell & Marc Reyes
    • CSAC Pro Judges: Cecil Peoples, Ruben Rowell Jr & Alternating Referee.
    • CSAC /IKF Timekeeper: Mike Millsap
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