Local law enforcement, Trial Lawyers go above & beyond the call of duty

(photo, bottom right) This San Diego Police Officer sure looks familiar. went from Amateur sensation all the way to the pros.

Local law enforcement officers are shown enjoying a sit-down Holiday dinner with the 100 representatives from the various local youth organizations.

On November 17th, 10 athletes from the National City CYAC had an opportunity to share a Thanksgiving dinner with local law enforcement officers. A total of 100 youth from diverse organizations within San Diego County were invited to partake in this feast; an event made possible by members of our local law enforcement community (namely, the San Diego County Latino Peace Officer Association), plus a generous donation from the law firm of Gomez Trial Attorneys on West Broadway in San Diego’s downtown.


During this annual dinner youth were given an opportunity to sit with police officers and engage in conversations which allowed them to understand that behind the badge and uniform, there lies an individual who shares more similarities than differences. John Gomez, the founder of the prestigious Gomez Trial Attorneys shared his thoughts and mentioned the importance of remaining resolute and goal-oriented despite the many obstacles that life presents. After hearing the inspirational stories, guests had an opportunity to discuss and reflect with police officers. Engaging in these conversations allowed our local youth to eliminate some of the miss-conceptions they may have had.

Initially, the invitees were told one child from each table would receive a bicycle. After the delicious meal was served and finished as part of the set-up, one child per table was chosen. Looking about the room, it soon became obvious that those who weren’t chosen were downcast for they too wanted a bike. Then came the surprise announcement that there was actually one bike for every child. All you could hear were loud cheers, clapping, and of course, excitable youngsters jumping for joy. What a beautiful, memorable, Thanksgiving treat, this dinner turned out to be.

(right) One of the local police officers boxing fans know

The San Diego police officer on the right sure looks familiar. Back on March 23, 2013, officer David Rodriguez made his successful Pro-boxing debut by defeating Errol Gill on this All Star Boxing promoted fight card in Woodland Hills, Calif. After winning in his debut, the former USA Amateur standout had his work schedule changed to the graveyard shift. This development surely put a crimp into any thoughts of continuing in the professional ranks.

Clemente Casillas, CYAC Director: “On behalf of the National City CYAC and our community, we would like to thank law enforcement officers for sharing this meal with us and above all for serving our communities in such an admirable and heroic manner.” 

If your a San Diego Boxing fan you should have no problem naming the individuals in the above photo collage. Here's an assist: above we have a slightly younger David Rodriguez, Calif. Boxing Hall of Famer's referee Pat Russell and promoter Bobby Dephilippi, pro boxers Chris Martin and Antonio Orozco. Coach

If you’re a local Boxing fan you should have no problem naming at least four of the nine individuals in the above collage. All nine either lent a hand in the promotion of a past Battle of the Badges fundraiser, coached or competed in one. Here’s an assist: you have the two Calif. Boxing Hall of Famers, one a referee, the other a promoter, plus two active professional fighters.

It was just announced: June 17, 2017 was selected as the date for the coming year’s Battle of the Badges (another much-needed fundraiser to help our local youth).


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