WBC Nutrition Committee Advice

Great advice from the Chairman of the WBC’s Nutrition Committee Dr. Philip Goglia


1-            Water runs the show ½ to 1 oz per pound of body weight consumed daily

2-            Stay away from multi-ingredient starches

3-            Use fatty fish as a dinner protein

4-            Use one ingredient starches as breakfast and lunch energy choices

5-            No starch at dinner – protein, and vegetables only

6-            Consume 1 fruit portion after dinner to promote a deep sleep

7-            Always make dark green vegetables a part of lunch and dinner

8-            Always consume at least one mid-morning snack and 1 or 2 afternoon snacks for energy needs

9-            Do not under eat

9 Nutrition Tips

1-            Do not skip meals

2-            Try to eat your meals in order

3-            Consume the correct amount water – ½ to 1 oz per pound of body weight consumed daily

4-            Don’t let yourself get hungry

5-            Remember that protein repairs muscle – carbohydrates provide an energy source

6-            There is no fat in carbohydrates – fats are found in proteins

7-            Stay away from yeast, mold, gluten, and dairy

8-            Use dry seasonings and rubs to create different flavors

9-            Do not rely on vitamins to fill a nutrition gap

10-          Consume protein and vegetables only for dinner

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