Latest Quinones Promociones Boxing Show features a ton of people

Glamour & Glitz: It’s Friday, July 27th and that means it’s showtime at La Oficina in Tijuana.

Tonight’s Quinones Promociones show at La Oficina on Avenida Revolucion is featuring a ton of people and also a slew of undefeated boxers who want to remain that way. As of Thursday, there were 19 bouts scheduled and then with the various travel complications and injuries that pop up, plus the extremely high temperatures, that incredible number has come down. The latest bout sheets (3) as of noon on Thursday, with all their chicken scratchings, looks a bit confusing especially with the notations on the right and left side in regards to the weigh-in results in kilograms. As one of the more attentive Math students in High School, you’ll probably remember that a kilogram translates into 2.20462262 lbs. So, for example, Keon Johnson, who weighed in at 76.5 kilograms at Thursday’s weigh-ins, weighing 168.65 pounds or 168 lbs. and 10.46 ounces only qualified to fight in the light heavyweight division.

If on Thursday, the 5’8½” tall, 39-year-old Joel “Dinamita” Juarez (32-30-2) from Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico (Global ID 310156) Johnson’s intended opponent also falls into that same weight class (168 lbs. to 175 lbs.), then the matchmaker would have himself a good match-up to fight in an 8-round light heavyweight bout and not the intended super middleweight division. With Keon (alias Neon/Special K) Johnson being over the Super Middleweight limit, that would mean his WBC FECARBOX Super Middleweight title could not be in jeopardy since neither he or his opponent made the qualifying weight limits and that’s just what happened.

The Big Boys, heavyweights Luis David Rodriguez Aguilar (left) and Esteban “King Kong” Sosa face off after their no sweat weigh-ins. All photos: Jim Wyatt

The next firm match-up on the sheet was all the way down at the 6a slot with 23-year-old southpaw Luis David Rodriguez Aguilar record 4-18-2, a victim of 8 knockouts (Global ID 586357) 246 lbs., 15 ounces doing battle with fellow heavyweight, 37-year-old orthodox boxer Esteban “King Kong” Sosa record 2-12 a victim of 10 knockouts, 264 lbs., 9 ounces from Tijuana (Global ID 474100). While Rodriguez is a heavyweight and his opponent Sosa is a super heavyweight, there are virtually no boundaries when you’re classified as a heavyweight. Rodriguez began his Pro career at age 16, Sosa was 27. To his credit, Rodriguez lost a Mixed Decision to Matt McKinney and had a draw versus Misael Sanchez, and only two of his 24 opponents had a losing record.

The arrival of 5’10” tall, 33-year-old, welterweight Stan “The Man” Martyniouk from San Carlos, Calif. (17-2, Global ID 421357) to fight a gentleman by the name of Carlos Bacasequa (7-59-1, 1 KO, a victim of 32 knockouts) Global ID 391886 who is 29-years-old and has just one win in his last 50 bouts (8 long years), the mystery has been solved. Especially after you look over Martyniouk’s carefully chosen opponents over the years. 

(bottom, left) According to his paperwork, the 33-year-old cruiserweight Christian Louis Thomas, Record 4-0, 4 KOs, Global ID 825839, born 10-8-84, weighed in at 176 lbs. 6 ounces and he’s now living in California a transplant from Las Vegas, Nevada. His opponent, the 20-year-old Pedro Avalos (bottom, right), is making his Pro Debut after just 19 Amateur Bouts.

On Friday night, 18-year-old Raul “Roly” Torres (left) will be making his Pro Debut against the 20-year-old Steven “El Mentado” Rodriguez (1-0) from Anaheim, Calif.

(top to bottom, left to right) Keon Johnson, Misael “Mimoso” SanchezMylik Roashun Birdsong, Romario Ovalle, Francisco “Frankie” Lopez, Sanchez with Birdsong, once again Johnson, Julio “Sexy Boy” Robles and finally Stan “The Man” Martyniouk. Mylik Birdsong Global ID 810596, weighed in at 145 lbs., for his bout versus Luis Alcaraz Global ID 797597, record 2-2 who has fought as both a lightweight and a welterweight. Since Alcaraz was a no-show for his weigh-in, it’s now likely the 25-year-old Birdsong must be prepared to face the dreaded opponent to be announced, a brand new “unknown” surprise opponent. Unfortunately, it is part of the business.   

Boxers Super welterweight Maurice Lamar Lee (left) and welterweight Devon Jamar Lee (right) jokingly do a faceoff after their weigh-ins. Being so talented and so close in weight, just four pounds separate them, these two gentlemen might just be opposing each other someday.

The 22-year-old Brandon Mendoza (bottom, right) from Panorama City, Calif., born 6-12-96, Global ID 828910, weighed in at 127.86 lbs. He is scheduled to face the 24-year-old Isaac Galindo from Tijuana, Global ID 793428, born 7-20-94, who weighed the very same 127.86 lbs. Like the Martyniouk versus Bacasequa bout, this one appears to be a mismatch. How so? Known as Mr. Nice Guy, the 0-9 Galindo has yet to register a victory.

Undefeated at 10-0 and aiming to stay that way is 18-year-old Marcos “El Chorizo” Muniz.

Like Marcos “El Chorizo” Muniz, the 19-year-old Edgardo Velazquez (bottom, left) remains undefeated. He has now registered seven KO victories since turning Pro back on March 19, 2016, at the very young age of 17. With both youngsters being undefeated and quite a fan draw, it is likely you’ll be hearing from their rather large fan base come showtime.

The 17-year-old Manuel Tapia (bottom, left, record 3-0) will be facing the much taller Bryan Christopher Garcia (bottom, right, 0-5) who will most certainly be going all out to earn his first victory after the five unsuccessful tries. 

17-year-old welterweight Manuel Tapia, Global ID 801748 (3-0, 1 KO) from Tijuana weighed in at 154 lbs. 5 ounces for his fight versus Bryan Christopher “Medusa” Garcia (0-5) Global ID (792227). The translation of Medusa is Jellyfish. Who’s to say why Garcia picked the nickname of “Jellyfish”. A jellyfish might not have a backbone but it can sure sting its prey.

Boxers on the fight card include Julio “Sexy Boy” Robles (center) Global ID 645226, from Tijuana, who according to the bout is scheduled to face Elias Contreras, Global ID 788803.

Serious professionals: On Thursday, both Terry Stevenson of Los Angeles (r) by way of Sydney, South Wales, Australia, and his opponent Armando Gonzalez (left) from Tijuana weighed in at the very same 154 lbs. 5 ounces which puts them in the welterweight division.

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