You know who you remind me of?

Is there anyone on the Planet who has as many canine chums as this gentleman?
César Felipe Millán Favela is a Mexican-American dog trainer with over 25 years of canine experience. He’s widely known for his Emmy Award-nominated TV series The Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan, which was produced from 2004 to 2012 and broadcast to more than 80 countries worldwide. Millan (l) and Muay Thai Trainer/Gym Owner David Huey (r) who live close to each other have similar interests. The right hair dresser could make them look even more alike.
Time to get a bit braggadocios. Most every night, we as a Nation tune in to watch the PBS News Hour to receive the unfettered truth (not the one-sided gobbledygook airing on Fox News). When we as a family do this, there’s the highly respected, oh so professional National News Anchor Judy Woodruff (r) who as you can see bares a resemblance to my sister Margaret Patterson (l) who is also a professional, extremely well versed in World Affairs and even without the help of a weekly hairstylist, nightly makeup artist has the same warm and fuzzy smile plus good looks.
These lookalikes could be a lot younger or older, have shorter hair or longer hair, but their resemblance is uncanny.
Here are those double take lookalikes who had you swearing you just saw….Reese Witherspoon, Tom Cruise, Ellen DeGeneres…
Matching someone up with an older, extremely well known comedic actor is a chore. As a resulted we ended up using more photos than usual. If you were to personally meet both of these gentlemen, you’d discover how so alike they are, so lighthearted, so fun-loving.
Trained by Bellator MMA standout Chad George, mixed martial artist Cameron Thomson of the California Mixed Martial Arts Club of LA (center, with beard) is a man who needs no introduction. The sociopath below who bears a resemblance to Thomson is Hollywood comedic actor Will Ferrell who has a bit of a personality disorder. In need of attention, Ferrell will do whatever is necessary to have his face plastered all over television, print media and the Internet. Starring in three to four movies a year is just not enough.
In this grouping take your time pointing out the five famous celebrities. The difficulty here in distinguishing which is the famous celebrity, involves paying attention to their eyes, the charming often captivating, enchanting, mesmerizing eyes of a star.

After the male comedians, it’s only right we add a female comedienne like the irrepressible Sarah Silverman to our mix. Who does she remind us of? Her match would have to be a brunette with long beautiful locks, athletically inclined, a force who’s a bit domineering. Kalina Fernandez wearing the shades comes to mind. She not only managed boxers, she trained them as well: boxers like Rocky Ramos and Rene Mendez. She also helped train interim WBC Latino Super Lightweight Champion Emanuel “Renegade” Robles. To the right of Silverman we see another lookalike, Amateur boxer Danyelle Wolf, who is seen joking with the now deceased, beloved boxing judge Colonel Fritz Werner.

Another likeness that comes to mind is the comic book version of Wonder Woman.
Here we see Danyelle Wolf and coach Joe Vargas involved in training for the US Olympic Trials.
The expression of doubt, scorn on Sarah Silverman’s face is clear, “You are kidding?” It’s part of her persona. As it is for Kalina Fernandez (c) who might go a step further and punch you in the face. All four: Silverman, Fernandez, Wolf and the comic book version of Wonder Woman are so alike.
Imagine when you’re drop dead gorgeous and you resemble someone famous. It has to be tiresome with all the people asking?
Here we have another tough “Name that Celebrity” challenge. And believe it or not, they are in no way related.
Quick, left to right, can you distinguish which photo is of the genuine article and which is an impostor? One is pop singer John Legend, Larry David’s wife on Curb Your Enthusiasm Cheryl Hines, actress Rosie Perez, actor Elijah Wood and Simon Cowell.
Pro Boxer Eric Puente of Vista, Calif. (left) and Jason Momoa (right) of Hollywood, Calif.
At this time, these two beauties, Face the Nation TV anchor Margaret Brennan and the younger Jessie Koehne, a Hospital respiratory therapist are so very vital as they help our nation deal with the current Pandemic. Ms. Koehne is engaged to standout boxer Alan Sanchez of Fairfield, Calif. who often trains at the Jorge Maron Boxing Camp in Lakeside, Calif. Prior to the pandemic the couple ran in 5K + 10k marathons.
Coincidence or what? While attending Monsignor Bonner High School in Drexel Hill, Penna., Tony Yost (left) was the Captain of our 1963 Championship Golf Team. Yost recently sent along the above photos, one of himself (left), the other of his grandson Patrick (r) who not unlike his grandfather has been an athlete of note. In high school Patrick excelled on his school’s Cross Country Team and now that he’s in college, he’s on the prestigious Villanova University Track Team competing in the 5K run (5,000 meters). As they say, the resemblance is uncanny.
Then, what do you know? We receive a third snapshot from someone who believes he’s found us a
third match. That photo is of another Irish bloke, undefeated welterweight boxer Paddy “Real Deal” Donovan who is from Limerick, Ireland.
Our next lookalikes are not only in exceptional shape, they are exceptionally good athletes. (Top photo) we have the current WBC and WBO World Female Featherweight champion: Amanda “The Real Deal” Serrano of Brooklyn, New York (39-1-1 with 29 KOs) and (below) is a very popular local fitness coach, ex-MuayThai fighter from San Diego, Calif. who is now an extremely polished trainer with a ton of credentials. She’s a National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer, a BOSU Certified, STRETCH Flexibility Trainer, APEX Certified, Supplement Counselor, POWER FLEX Weight Training Coach plus NASM Certified Youth Training Specialist.
This was another time when I would have loved to have everyone present to witness this gentleman’s amazing likeness to Dan Aykroyd who portrayed all those memorable characters on Saturday Night Live from Fred Garvin, male prostitute to Beldar Conehead, from President Jimmy Carter to the conniving rip-off artist Irwin Mainway, from that Wild & Crazy guy with Steve Martin to those point/counter point riffs with his adversarial Jane Curtin. During the late 80’s, early ’90s, I was working for Cox Cable as a sales rep/installer and one night hooked up this gentleman’s cable. I mentioned his likeness to Dan Aykroyd and he told me everyone keeps telling him the same thing. After stating he was impressed by the reception he was now getting, I boldly asked him if he had an old photo that I could show my family. He said sure and grabbed a magic marker and made the above, unforgettable dedication to me.
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