Friday evening’s Borizteca Boxing Promotions Show features two Championship bouts

First up, we have a copy of the Bout Sheet. Of the 9 Bouts which the promoter had scheduled, we notice that San Diego’s Brandon Cruz, in Bout #3, does not have an opponent. His unmentionable opponent failed to show up for his weigh-in on Thursday. Over the next 24 hours, the promoter, Saul Rios, and his assistants will likely be scrambling to find a worthy substitute so they have the full complement of bouts/rounds.

To the right of the bout sheet we have the famous sculpture which is located at the entrance/exit of the Otay Mesa port of entry and below is a photo of three of the attendees at Thursday’s weigh-ins: (l to r) Friday evening’s ring announcer Pablo Flores, boxing promoter/trainer Chino Velasquez and finally Sergio A. Sotelo, the former President of the North & Central American zone of the WBF, World Boxing Federation, a former judge and supervisor of officials. Mr. Sotelo has now assumed the position of Marketing Head for the Borizteca Boxing Management Group. With his worldwide ties, Borizteca will now be in a more prominent position to land some of the more notable championship bouts.

Without further ado here are the photos taken of the boxers who successfully passed their physical and weigh-in at the required weight limit for their bouts on Friday.

In Bout #2, they have 22-year-old, super bantamweight Dilan “El Rey” Miranda (2-0, 121.9 lbs., 55.3 kgs., Global ID 829165) from Chula Vista, Calif. going up against 34-year-old Jose “Chilaquil” Hernandez (0-8, 121.9 lbs., 55.3 kgs., Global ID 661602, from Ensenada, B. C., Mexico.

Bout #2 face-off between Dilan “El Rey” Miranda (l) from Chula Vista, Calif. and Jose “Chilaquil” Hernandez (r) from Tijuana.

Bout 3 may or may not happen since super featherweight Brandon Cruz’s original opponent was a no-show on Thursday at the weigh-ins. The promoter must now scramble for a late replacement to match up with the 19-year-old Cruz who is (4-0, Global ID#811833, 58 kgs., 127.87 Lbs.)

In Bout #4, a six round welterweight match, they have 21-year-old Kevin Torres from Chula Vista, Calif., by way of Bellingham, Washington, Global ID 775110, 66 kgs, 145.51 lbs., 8-0-1, taking on

24-year-old Santiago Arreola Pacheco Global ID 831938, (0-2) from Durango, Durango, Mexico 66.5 kgs, 146.61 lbs.

And finally, Santiago Arreola Pacheco (l) and Kevin Torres (r) do their regular face off.

Here we have the 22-year-old Manuel Sandoval of Tijuana, Global ID 714177 getting weighed in for Bout #5. His weight was exactly the same as Roberto Meza below, 129.85 lbs.

The 21-year-old Roberto “The Ram” Meza (9-1, 5 KOs) Global ID 759481, from Temecula, Calif. is shown weighing in at the very same 58.9 kgs, 129.85 lbs. weight, as his opponent, the 22-year-old Manuel Sandoval from Tijuana, B. C., Mexico.

Here is the final face-off photo of Roberto Meza (l) and Manuel Sandoval (r) for Bout #5.

Bout 6, a six round welterweight match-up, features Ricardo Valdovinos (r) Global ID# 767464, record 6-0, weighing in at 141.09 lbs. (64 kgs.) facing Esteban Cayetano (l), Global ID 751286, record 2-6, weighed in at the very same weight.

Ricardo Valdovinos and Esteban Cayetano posed for additional photos after their weigh-in.

Esteban Cayetano (Global ID 751286) will have his hands full when he faces the undefeated Ricardo Valdovinos (Global ID 767464). 

In Bout #7, they have the 34-year-old, 6-foot tall veteran Tony Hirsch (22-6-2, Global ID 396717) from Oakland, Calif. When you look back at the opponents he’s faced, it’s like a who’s who of boxing. The fact that he’s been inactive for the longest stretch in his career, 1 year and 2 months, doesn’t bode well for a guy who at one point was a serious contender.

Hirsch’s opponent, Manuel Garcia (5-17, Global ID 387362), has remained busy and he’s always giving his opponents a lot of trouble. For Friday’s contest Garcia weighed in at 173.72 lbs. while Hirsch, who had always been a super middleweight, weighed in at 174.17 lbs.

While Hirsch (r) will likely take full advantage of his longer reach, no one should be surprised when they see this fight go the distance – a full eight rounds. These are two tough guys who have a lot of pride.

Bout #8, the most interesting match-up of the night? Like he said he would, Rafael “The Pride of San Diego” Ramirez (20-4-2) is back and will be battling for a title. Along the way, he’s had some serious help from the Mayweather Clan, Juan Medina Jr., etc., etc.

The problem with Boxing, you always have someone in the opposite corner with the same designs as you in regards to winning that championship belt. No doubt on Friday night, both men will be giving it everything they got. The 33-year-old Ramon Barajas from Tepic, Nayarit, Mexico may have a dismal record winning just one fight over the last three years, but he’s also faced some really tough opponents who had a combined record of 49-14, unlike the 38-year-old Ramirez who has faced two lightweights with a combined record of 8-49-2. As far as weight goes, Barajas is sitting at 148.81 lbs. while Ramirez weighs 149.91.

Both men said they want this belt. Which of the two will be victorious? All photos: Jim Wyatt

In Bout #9, you have a tremendous boxer with a tremendous advantage, Marcos Forestal (8-0) 123.45 lbs. from San Diego, Calif. by way of Guantanamo, Cuba is going up against a banger, Daniel Vega (7-6) 121.25 lbs., from Nacozari, Sonora, Mexico.

Daniel Vega will need to stay in close or he will be methodically picked apart, destroyed.

Since the belt means a lot to both fighters, we should see a well-contested fight.

Who has Vega lost to? Anyone with a winning record. Who has Vega beaten? Anyone with a losing record. Forestal is a tactician and has at least beaten fighters with a 50-50 record.

Salute to a fellow boxing scribe: They say, Pasqual Campomanes is always where the action is. It’s almost a certainty that Campomanes, Tijuana’s hardest working, most popular sports journalist will be at every show. As is in the past, he’ll be running around the venue taking the pulse of the crowd while covering the nonstop action in the ring. Just so you wouldn’t have a problem recognizing the flamboyant boxing writer, after the weigh-ins on Thursday, Senor Campomanes did the unthinkable and had his hair stylist change the color of his hair. He’s now a blonde. Since there are so many shades of blonde, perhaps he’ll have Pablo Flores, the ring announcer, announce his new hair color since Pasqual is such a trendsetter and others will likely want to follow his lead.

Pascual Campomanes, with his evolving eccentricities.

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