August 15th show features intro to Boxing’s future stars plus Marron’s 15th victory

Over the past four years, the above 14 beauties (Amateur boxers), have won countless Tournaments, Championship Belts and Medals throughout Mexico and the world. One young lady, Crisna Michelle Alvarez, (front row, four over from the right, with the three Championship belts draped over her left arm) is from Cetis University in Tijuana. She’s not only an above-average student, but she’s a talented athlete. Alvarez, who represents Tijuana’s Jackie Nava Gym has won a total of 5 Gold, 2 Plata medals and recently qualified to take part in the upcoming Pan American Games.

Now, the results from Thursday evening’s Pro-fights at the Grand Hotel Tijuana on August 15, 2019, presented by the above trio of revered local promoters Jorge Marron (Jorge Marron Productions), Guillermo Mayen (Promociones Mayen) and Bobby De Philippis (Bobby D Presents).

With all the controversy last week about those whackos killing Americans of Mexican descent in El Paso, Texas, the American boxers who were visiting Tijuana from the United States were exceptionally polite and respectful of the patrons in the audience, as was the 20-year-old James Browning from Tempe, Arizona who was making his professional debut.
Opponents Jesus Enrique Arenas Osuna (left) and James Browning (right) are photographed after receiving their final instructions from referee Juan Manuel Morales Lee.
After being hit early by a big overhand right in round three, an off-balance Jesus Osuna’s glove touched the canvas which required referee Lee to issue him a standing 8-count.
Well aware Osuna was having his problems and getting pounded by Browning, Osuna’s cornerman tried his best to give Osuna, seen here taking a deep breath, some good advice.
There were more and even bigger blows landing until Osuna (left) finally took this knee in round #4. The blows were landing with even more and better leverage.
Once Osuna began to cover up, Browning was all over him like a mine cave-in.
After the early stoppage, we see referee Lee raising the arm of the victorious James Bowning. Joining his boxer for the arm raising was his oh so proud coach Sonny Gutierrez.
Soon enough, everyone in the James Browning entourage was up in the ring for a celebratory photo with their champ as he wins by TKO in his professional debut.
The combatants in Bout #2, the 34-year-old Alfredo “Galan” Contreras (left) from Tijuana and the 28-year-old Patrick Ferguson (right) from Whittier, Calif., a standout USA Amateur meet up in the center of the ring to receive final instructions from referee Juan Manuel Morales Lee.
In the opening, feeling out round, Alfredo Contreras went right to work testing his opponent with hard, straight shots to Ferguson’s head
After the shots to the head, the veteran went hard to the midsection looking for a weakness.
After his bombardment, Contreras was seen grinning at his youthful opponent. From this point on the strategy would vary from trickery to out and out tomfoolery.
After six hard-fought rounds, we see referee Juan Manuel Morales Lee raising the arm of the victorious and lowkey Patrick Ferguson who ended up outworking the veteran, Alfredo Contreras, who no doubt put on quite a respectable performance.
Bout #3, has the 33-year-old Silvia Zuniga of Mexicali, B. C., Mexico (left) taking on the 38-year-old Nadia Meknouzi (right) from Las Vegas, Nevada.
After this stare down came all these heavy blows from Nadia “The Lion” Meknouzi to any and all parts of Silvia Zuniga’s body. In other words, as soon as the Lion went on the attack, her prey immediately became the victim of this one-sided beatdown.
This is it! That one highlight photo of Silvia Zuniga in her battle with Nadia Meknouzi. At this juncture, it appears she was about to threaten Meknouzi with that one knockout blow.
Between rounds two and three, we see Nadia Meknouzi conversing with her cornerman Repo Rick from the Mayweather Gym, Las Vegas. Repo Rick was holding what looks to be the smallest bottle of water ever used by a corner person. It had the same amount of water you’d get in one of those tiny paper cups from the dentist to wash out your mouth.
Before the opening bell for Round 3, Zuniga’s corner must have discussed a waving of the white flag because Silvia Zuniga wasn’t about to budge from her comfortable stool.
This was the scene on day two of ignoring the opening bell for Round 3.
Referee Juan Manuel Morales Lee: “We now have a failure to communicate… she’s either fallen asleep or meditating. Awaken Fairy Princess!”
Referee Juan Manuel Morales Lee: “Girl, are you ignoring me?”
Silvia was thinking: “Wonderful! Let me be the first to congratulate you!”
Silvia’s final thoughts: “Enough already! You’re giving me a headache!”
To the victor goes the spoils as Nadia Meknouzi (c) gets congratulated by her supporters Repo Rick (left0 and Bradley Beard (right).
Pre-fight, the combatants for Bout #4 (left to right) Alejandro Valladares and Jorge Marron Jr. receive their final instructions from veteran referee Fernando Renteria.
From the opening bell, it was Jorge Marron Jr. (blue trunks) on the offensive.
Here we see Alejandro Valladares trying to get his baring so he can continue in his battle against the relentless Jorge Marron Jr.
To his credit, Alejandro “Osama” Valladares (l) did take this battle into the final round. It wasn’t until Valladares was being issued his second 8-count, that the ref decided he had had enough and stopped the fight, a contest that no doubt was one-sided from the outset.
After the bout, Jorge Marron Jr. is interviewed by the lovely Abedith Rico Arellano who was recently hired by Fernando Paramo to join his staff for the boxing shows held in Mexico and Southern California.
From Papa Bear to sparring partner, from head boxing coach to cutman, this is the behind the scenes support staff that had Jorge Marron Jr. ready for action.
Next up, in Bout #5, they had super lightweights Jesse Nares (r) facing Omar Galindo (l).
In the end, it was Omar Galindo having his arm raised by referee Fernando Renteria. The finger-pointing by Galindo is out of respect for his worthy opponent Jessie Nares.
This great victory may have turned things around for Mr. Galindo. He certainly has a great many people believing in him to include his coaches, devoted wife, son, and daughter.
The extremely confident boxers for Bout #6, Jonathan Rodriguez (left) and Samuel Almontes (right) scheduled to go in Bout #6 appear center stage with their coaches ready to receive their final instructions from veteran referee Juan Manuel Morales Lee.
Wham! To lead off his assault, Jonathan “Negrito” Rodriguez lands a devastating right cross to the top of Samuel Almontes’ head.
And from that first big punch, Rodriguez has his opponent backing up into his own corner.
Referee Juan Manuel Morales Lee alert to what just happened looks back at Rodriguez to make certain he is stabilized and not rushing to inflict more blows on the fallen Almontes.
On the 4th time down, referee Lee is quick to save Almontes from any further blows.
Samuel Almontes instinctively tries to get back on his feet.
While the fight doctor checks out Samuel Almontes, the Rodriguez camp which includes coaches Victor Manuel Godoy (l) and Gustavo Enriquez (r) celebrates the victory.
All smiles, Jonathan Rodriguez gives you one of those looks: ‘To the victor goes the spoils.’
In his interview with LATV broadcaster Abedith Rico Arellano, Jonathan Rodriguez was contemplating asking her about some tickets to take the family to Disneyland. Meanwhile, the victim of Rodriguez’s blows, Samuel Almontes, looks to be just fine.
While Czarina “The Black Rose” McCoy (r) looked like she belonged in front of a large audience, Irina Jaqueline Ortega (l) looked as though she suffered from stage fright.
Then the conformation came! Did she ever fight a southpaw? Did she ever fight anyone?
This right cross from McCoy landed squarely on Ortega’s chin.
McCoy’s right jab landed like a dagger, without being blocked or evasion.
Czarina “The Black Rose” wins quite easily.
The Vegas entourage was all smiles after going undefeated against the locals.
Immediately following the TKO win, the multi-talented young lady from Las Vegas, Nevada, Czarina “The Black Rose” McCoy was interviewed by Nayelita Franco from LATV.
Boxers Luciano “El Cuate” Hernandez (left) and Romario “Little Boy” Ovalle (right) receive final instructions from referee Juan Morales Lee before the start of Bout #8.
Before the start of Round #2, referee Juan Manuel Morales Lee alertly draws attention to the nasty cut/gash which is over Luciano Hernandez’s left eye, on his forehead.
After the proper consultation of the Doctor with the Tijuana Boxing Commission, the injury was deemed so serious that the fight could not continue and the bout was then ruled a No Contest due to the accidental headbutt. All photos: Jim Wyatt,
The broadcast team then interviewed the boxers and discussed the seriousness of the cut.
Sports Journalist Pasqual Campomanes is seen discussing the injury with boxer Romario Ovalle. And thus, our show comes to a dramatic end.
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