Worst fighters ever, plus the distinction between Guts and Balls

Worst MMA fighters ever

Ring card gals, who are there to support you, always have the right attitude: “Forget the negative thoughts, the boos and remember, we still love you!”

Too often, only the very best fighters get our attention. Think about it. Where would they be without the losers? The journeymen boxer with that “L” stamped on his or her forehead. The fighters who are willing to make the superstar’s life so rewarding, make them popular and of course make them filthy rich.


Yes, the top fighters are tougher, more proficient. It’s because they have had the better coaches and get trained longer and harder. Their lackluster opponents tends to be henpecked. It’s likely they’re tied up all day doing household chores like washing clothes, the dishes, mowing the lawn and polishing the wife’s car. It’s time to stop pampering the spotlight grabbers. Ignore them when they beat their chest and bellow out things like, “Look at me, look at me! Aren’t I special!” It’s time to give more kudos to the opponent who finishes second.

Here are some suggestions regarding the look you should have on your face when the ring announcer announces your negative scores:

1) Act surprised when the scores go against you. Sigh heavily. Show disgust. “That’s weird, I thought for sure I won.”

2) Work on your facial expressions. Learn to flash that dumbfounded, quizzical look when a score goes against you.

3) Wink a lot. A wink goes a long way with a judge to let them know, “Hey, there! I like you. Especially when you make me happy. Do you want to have a good time? I know I’m going to have a good time if you give me a favorable score. As a matter of fact, you too can expect a good time when things go my way. When I don’t wink and I don’t see that smile on your face, two things come to mind. First, you could have at least forced a smile. And second, if you’re going look like my enemy, act like my enemy, then you better start watching your back.”

4) When someone says, “You looked pathetic out there.” You counter their criticism with an excuse, such as “I let him win. Didn’t you see his mother? She was right there in the front row. How am I going to do him dirty in front of his mom? There’s always going to be a rematch.”

Since the patrons in the above video yelled more than a few harsh remarks at the fighters in question, I believe it’s only right to add the following addendum from noted scholar Benny Ricardo who clears up the distinction between a man with “Guts” and a man with “Balls”.

Letter from Benny

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