Amateur Boxing

Muay Thai/Kickboxing at Pala Casino, Saturday, October 2nd

Muay Thai, also known as the art of eight limbs, allows fighters to utilize their hands, elbows, knees and shins to bring down their opponent. Many purists of the combat sports believe it is the fastest-growing and biggest adrenaline-rush striking sport. On October 2nd, 2010, you could go and see ten professional and two amateur […]

USA Amateur Boxing results, Lakeside, September 4, Part II

After the intermission at Saturday’s USA Amateur Boxing Show at the Marron Boxing Camp in Lakeside, Ca., ring announcer Steve Macomber had several meaningful plaques to present. The first was given to the representatives of the Pacific Coast Boxing team who are still dealing with the April 7th tragic death of their beloved volunteer coach, […]

USA Amateur Boxing results, Lakeside, September 4, 2010

Two hundred and fifty plus patrons were on hand to see the latest USA Amateur Boxing show held Saturday, September 4, 2010, at the Marron Boxing Camp in Lakeside, Ca. Representatives were from the Alliance Training Center, the Chula Vista Boxing Club, R & R, Pacific Coast Boxing, the Rhino Boxing Club of Vista, the […]

USA Boxing heads to Lakeside, Saturday, September 4th

Tomorrow is Saturday, and that can mean only one thing–another exciting USA Amateur Boxing Show will take place. This time around, the Marron Boxing Camp in Lakeside, Ca. is the host. Lakeside’s an area known for its cowpokes, ranchers, and lovers of NASCAR. With tomorrow’s temperatures likely in the 90’s, there’s no telling where the […]

USA Amateur boxing show results from Saturday, August 28th

Saturday, the USA Amateur boxing show at the United States Institute of Amateur Athletics facility in Skyline Hills, a San Diego neighborhood, was limited to just one match. It was in the grouping known as the Masters’ class, for boxers over the age of 35. Representing Old School Boxing of San Diego was 37 year-old […]

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