Updated Xplode Fight Series 2 results

XFS2, Xplode Fight Series 2, Hillside Havoc hostesses. Photo: Marc Perkins

Saturday, November 19, 2011, a short while after 7 p.m., I started receiving the scattered reports off the Twitter and Facebook feeds, the results I needed from the Xplode Fight Series II event at Valley Center. With 18 bouts scheduled, the early results suddenly petered out after Bout #2. For those of us unable to attend, it was like getting your Cable shut off on Super Bowl Sunday. As if everyone was at the Senior Prom, except for you.

To make matters worse, on Monday, one of the people who did attend the show, was touting how great it was. “If you had a whole year of shows, you couldn’t come up with the amount of quality fights that I saw on Saturday night.” I was thinking to myself, ‘Isn’t that wonderful.’

Then Tuesday came news 619MMA’s Kevin Mitchell and Steve Perkins Jr., another set of eyes and ears that were in attendance on Saturday, had edited the video version of the show. Their footage was now available to be circulated throughout the Internet through the Vimeo.com website. Thank goodness for these gents or a lot of us would have been in the dark as far as what happened in those back woods on the San Pasquale Indian Reservation.

The broadcast, minus the announcers’ feedback, began: “With 36 contenders, 18 fights scheduled and two titles on the line, Hillside Havoc was one of the most anticipated events of the year. And for those of us lucky enough to be in attendance, the show filled the bill with it’s intense action, brutal submissions, and exciting knock-outs.”

According to the written word on Facebook, the Xplode Fight Series Hillside Havoc kicked off with a 150 pound clash between Tom Guimond out of Riverside, CA. winning by submission over Merwinn “Chino” Rivera of Xplode MMA of Escondido.

Highlights of the Bout: In the explosive first round, Rivera landed more of the heavy blows, while Guimond controlled in the ground game.

In Round #2 Guimond miraculously defended himself after being caught in a rear naked choke and somehow pulled out the victory in Round #3

Bout #2 featured Mike “The Riot” Zamorano of Black Mat Mixed Martial Arts of Whittier, CA. going up against Nick Barnes of the Undisputed Fitness & Training Center in San Diego’s Downtown.

Barnes ended up getting the best of Zamorano with a rear naked choke in Round #3. With his second straight submission victory, Barnes’ record went to (2-0) while Zamorano’s fell to (1-2).

Bout #3 saw 150 pounders, Joe Neri (0-4) of Dirty Tactics MMA going up against Edgar “Kitty Katt” Cardenas (4-1-0) of Xplode MMA. With the Katt on his game, Neri never had a chance.

Japanese star Masanori Kanehara

In the evening’s Main Event, 5’10” featherweight Masanori Kanehara (18-10-5) who hails from Tokyo, Japan defeated the 6’3” Brady Harrison (8-6-0) of San Diego who represents the Fight Ugly Team here in San Diego.

Harrison lost the battle by submission in the third round by a rear naked choke. Kanehara, who is 29 years-old and been fighting professionally for eight years, is currently on the Musashi-Murayama Dojo team. Kanehara is great as a grappler but he has trouble with strikers, having been knocked out on four occasions.

That was the gist of what we learned from Facebook. The rest we can surmise from the above video.

Ask and you shall receive. Bright and early Wednesday morning, November 30, the results arrived in our mailbox.

XFS2 Hill Side Havoc Results

Fight #1

Tom Guimond vs Merwinn Rivera

Winner: Tom Guimond via rear naked choke Round  2

Fight #2

Nick Barnes vs Mike Zamorano

Winner: Nick Barnes via rear naked choke Round 3

Fight #3

Joe Neri vs Edgar Cardenas

Winner: Edgar Cardenas via Guillotine Choke Round 1


Leonard Smith vs Cody Goodale

Winner: Cody Goodale via unanimous decision

Fight #5

Bakari McClain vs Nick Cambrell

Winner: Nick Cambrell via Kamora Round 2

Fight #6

Robert Sanchez vs Kiko Lopez

Winner: Kiko Lopez TapOut due to Ground ‘n Pound Round 2

Fight #7

Michael McCoullough vs Jay Moreno

Winner: Jay Moreno via Guillotine Choke Round 1

Fight #8 – Exhibition Match – Amateur Status

Briggs Foreman vs Jason Pierce

Winner: Briggs Foreman via Unanimous decision

Fight #9

Anthony Moore vs Shane Krutchen

Winner: Shane Moore via Guillotine Choke Round 1

Fight #10

Xavier Stokes vs Doug Trotter

Winner: Xavier Stokes via Triangle Choke Round 1

Fight #11

Dominic Chisem vs Derek Anderson

Winner: Derek Anderson via Guillotine Choke Round 1

Fight #12

Donnis Reed vs Kris Armbrister

Winner: Kris Armbrister via Unanimous Decision

Fight #13 145lb Championship Belt

Seth Humphries vs David Salas

Winner: David Salas via Rear Naked Choke Round 1

Fight #14 Super Fight

Brady Harrision vs Masanori Kanehara

Winner: Masanori Kanehara via Rear Naked Choke Round 3

(L to R) Dave Ventura of Undisputed, 619MMA show hosts Steve Perkins Jr. and Kevin Mitchell, plus Marc Perkins and Mariano Lorde.  Photo: Jim Wyatt

Thanks again to 619MMA for their firsthand report from the latest Xplode Fight Series. Their mission statement speaks volumes: “16×9 Studios is out to capture all of the epic battles. Enjoy our highlight video and stay tuned for more MMA in the future.”

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