Who’s to blame for the Seniesa Estrada walk over of Miranda Adkins?

#1 on our list of culprits has to be the scatterbrained Miranda “Little Beasty” Adkins from Topeka, Kansas who has yet to put in the necessary time in the gym to learn any of the Fighting Sports, whether that be Muaythai, MMA or Boxing. On July 24, 2020, at the Fantasy Springs Casino in Indio, Calif., she became her own worst enemy when facing an opponent who had a wealth of experience (20 years) to her mere three years of experience. The word “foolhardy” best describes her nonsensical decision.

With the fight lasting just seven seconds, we had to be creative and show our limited snapshots from several different angles.

Important to note: when boxing you’re never, ever to close your eyes as we see Miranda Adkins doing.

The photos from various angles give you an even better perspective.

Would you concur? Boxing with your hands down and eyes closed…seems to be suicidal.
For Miranda Adkins, the lights had gone out as she laid there for an additional 10 seconds.
A bit dazed, helpless and speechless, Miranda Adkins looked up at the fight doctor, Dr. Kelly Tucker.
In conclusion, we see referee Edward Hernandez Sr. raising the arm of the victorious 5’2″ tall, 28-year-old Seniesa “Super Bad” Estrada (19-0, 8 KOs) from East Los Angeles, Calif., who with the win retained her World Boxing Council Silver Female Light Flyweight Title. Being a professional boxer for 10 years and a much decorated Amateur Boxer for 10 years, her boxing pedigree now spans 20 years.
Over the course of the last four plus years, Miranda Adkins (left) with an assist from her Manager/Promoter John Carden has tried her luck at both MMA and Boxing on shows that he has promoted and at no time has Adkins proven to be well schooled in either Sport. The fact that she keeps dying her hair brown to blonde to red head and now brunette makes you wonder about sensibilities.

In summation, we believe the fight between Adkins and Estrada should never have taken place. The evidence of Miranda Adkins’ shortfalls in the fighting sports are glaring. After watching additional footage of Adkin’s performance in a MMA Cage and this fight with Estrada, it’s clear she has no business competing in any of the Fighting Sports until she has been properly trained. Since Adkins’ five posted wins in boxing are against young boxers with a combined record of 0 wins, 8 losses with all eight losses coming by way of knockout, we also believe the Women’s International Boxing Association’s International Light Flyweight Title which Adkins purported to hold, should be considered suspect.

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