What’s it like for Floyd Mayweather Jr. behind bars

Here is the dreaded jail cell which will remain Floyd Mayweather Jr.'s home for the remainder of his sentence. His release date is August 29, 2012.

Clark County jail, June 10, 2012

During visiting hours on Sunday, Floyd Mayweather Jr. gave his lawyer an earful, passing along the following complaints:

“You got a pen?” asked Floyd “Money” Mayweather, Jr. I got a list of problems I need you to take care of. First, I heard there was this jerk on ESPN telling the world my first fight back will likely be a tune up bout … against Larry Merchant? Shut him up!

I also received two unsolicited videos in the mail. The first was from that wise guy security guard who’s always giving me sh##. He was in my house, lying there on my couch and waving as he watched my TV. How did he pull that off?

The other was from a salesman from the local Rolls Royce dealership in town. He was wondering why I haven’t been in to see him. They just received delivery of the new Rolls Royce Ghost. Tell him to put that sh## on layaway.

Then Saturday, I’m looking forward to watching the Bradley/Pacquiao fight on TV; it’s not like I have anything better to do. I even placed a sizable wager on Pacquiao. The guards kept telling me, ‘No way!’ They’ve been sore at me, ever since I started drawing those stick figures on the wall.

This one clown was joking around with his buddies, ‘How can he afford the high cost of Pay-Per-View?’

Then, last night, 15 minutes before the (Pacquiao/Bradley) fight was to come on, it was lights out.

Oh, and before I forget it, what’s this talk about my girlfriend and ex-(wife) asking the credit card companies to increase their credit limits?

This morning, knowing full well I had a bet on the fight, the guards were reluctant to tell me who won. They became real smart asses and told me Bradley won.”

That reminds me, before you leave, I got to use your cell phone to send Pacquiao another prank call.”

Interesting, very interesting, but it was all just for laughs. In all seriousness, Mayweather’s lawyer and adviser is Leonard Ellerbe and as inmate #1363917 in the Clark County jail, he doesn’t have access to a television, computer or telephone in the small solo cell where on Saturday he was beginning his second week of a 90 day sentence. He has been getting a lot of mail since someone posted his inmate number and address on Twitter. Since the jail’s mail is screened, some photos for Mayweather were deemed “inappropriate” and were confiscated.


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