Some boxers will do anything to win over the crowd

Back in the USSR boy, you don't know how lucky your are.

“Back in the USSR boy, you don’t know how lucky your are,” The Beatles.

The following videotape is from a night spot in Moscow, Russia, circa 2006, showing this one gentleman who was willing to go to any length in order to entertain the spectators. To start with, this young man had an unusual haircut and was continually allowing his opponent to take the first punch while he kept pressing forward with his hands down.


In Russia, like elsewhere on this planet, it’s gauche, cheeky, discourteous to mock a fellow athlete and even more so when facing them in battle. Apparently, this young man didn’t give a rat’s behind about his opponent’s feelings, the sport or any of it’s traditions. All he wanted to do was entertain his supporters and get them to cheer wildly for him. After the referee got involved and called a halt to the match, things got way out of hand.

Regarding the combatants and the venue, it was mentioned later that these guys often have a few drinks before performing, plus they’re often regarded as “a little touched in the head.” As you can see, aside from their gloves, both boxers are in their regular street clothes and competing without a mouthpiece. Plus, it appears neither boxer has had sufficient training.

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