Weigh-ins complete for Bellator #134 the British Invasion

As a member of the British Invasion Team, Liam McGeary fighter by the name of holds up the banner reading, "England"

As a leader of the British Invasion Team, Paul Daley holds up a scarf that reads, “England.” The Brits are planning to wipe the floor up with the American MMA representatives. “I’m going to be too much for him,” said Daley. I’ve been around the sport for a long time.” Daley has been in 50 fights with most being at a high level.

It’s being called a British Invasion as some the top MMA fighters from across the pond head to Uncasville, Connecticut to fight the American MMA fighters in Bellator #134. As of the bewitching hour of 3 a.m. on Friday, February 27, 2015, in this small village in southeastern Montville, Connecticut, the thermostat is in the low teens, thirteen degrees to be exact and the “The British Invasion” has already started. Friday evening, February 27, at the Mohegan Sun Arena in Uncasville, the United Kingdom’s best, to include Paul Daley and Liam McGeary, will be battling some of our best U. S. fighters in the octagon. This special event will include a Super Fight between “King Mo” and Cheick Kongo. It’s country versus country and you can take stock in Scott Coker’s claim: “It will be a war!” And don’t forget to bring your gloves, ear muffs, a warm hat and coat plus galoshes if you intend to take a walk in the snow. 

Main Card (9 p.m. ET)

Bellator Light Heavyweight Title Fight: The current Bellator light heavyweight Champion Emanuel Newton (25-7) defends his title against the Brit Liam McGeary (9-0)

(r to l) Emanuel Newton (204.5 lbs.) vs. Liam McGeary (204 lbs.)

(l to r) Emanuel Newton (204.5 lbs.) faces off with Liam McGeary (204 lbs.)

Bellator Heavyweight Feature Fight: Cheick Kongo (22-9-2) vs. “King Mo” Lawal (14-4)

(r to l) Cheick Kongo (239 lbs.) vs. "King Mo" Lawal (217 lbs.)

(l to r) Cheick Kongo (239 lbs.) vs. “King Mo” Lawal (217 lbs.)

Bellator Welterweight Feature Fight: Paul Daley (35-13) vs. Andre Santos (37-9)

(r to l) Paul Daley (171 lbs.) vs. Andre Santos (171 lbs.)

(l to r) Paul Daley (171 lbs.) vs. the taller Andre Santos (171 lbs.)

Bellator Light Heavyweight Feature Fight: Linton Vassell (14-4) vs. Rameau Sokoudjou (16-12) from the Team Quest Gym in Encinitas, CA.

(l to r) Linton Vassell (205 lbs.) vs. Rameau Sokoudjou (205 lbs.)

(bottom, r to l) Linton Vassell (205 lbs.) vs. Rameau
Sokoudjou (205 lbs.) who is from San Diego County (Team Quest, Encinitas).

Bellator Welterweight Feature Fight: Brennan Ward (9-3) vs. Curtis Millender (7-0)

(l to r) Brennan Ward (171 lbs.) vs. Curtis Millender (170 lbs.)

(l to r) Brennan Ward (171 lbs.) vs. Curtis Millender (170 lbs.)

Preliminary Card (6:45 p.m. ET)

Bellator Bantamweight Prelim Fight: Matt Bessette (13-6) vs. Josh Laberge (9-4)

(l to r) Matt Bessette (145 3/4 lbs.) vs. Josh Laberge (145 lbs.)

(l to r) featherweights Matt Bessette (145 3/4 lbs.) vs. Josh Laberge (145 lbs.)

Bellator Heavyweight Prelim Fight: Josh Diekmann (15-5) vs. Raphael Butler (8-1-1)

(l to r) Raphael Butler (260 lbs.) vs. Josh Diekmann (238 1/4 lbs.)

(l to r) Josh Diekmann (238 1/4 lbs.) vs. Raphael Butler (260 lbs.)

Bellator Middleweight Prelim Fight: Tamdan McCrory (12-3) vs. Jason Butcher (8-1)

(l to r) Jason Butcher (186 lbs.) vs. Tamdan McCrory (185.5 lbs.)

(l to r) Tamdan McCrory (185.5 lbs.) vs. Jason Butcher (186 lbs.)

Bellator Welterweight Prelim Fight:  Neiman Gracie (2-0) vs. Bobby Flynn (4-2)

(l to r) Bobby Flynn (170.5 lbs.) vs. Neiman Gracie (171 lbs.)

(bottom l to r) Bobby Flynn (170.5 lbs.) vs. Neiman Gracie (171 lbs.)

Bellator Bantamweight Prelim Fight: Marvin Maldonado (2-2) vs. Blair Tugman (6-5)

(l to r) Marvin Maldonado (136 lbs.) vs. Blair Tugman (136 lbs.)

(l to r) Marvin Maldonado (136 lbs.) vs. Blair Tugman (136 lbs.)

Dark Bout (approximately 11 p.m. ET)

Bellator Lightweight Dark Bout: Michael Mangan (0-2) vs. Dean Hancock (pro debut)

(l to r) Michael Mangan (155 1/4 lbs.) vs. Dean Hancock (155.5 lbs.)

(l to r) Michael Mangan (155 1/4 lbs.) vs. Dean Hancock (155.5 lbs.)

Quotes from several of the Bellator #134 warriors:

Emanuel Newton: “I am going to finish [Liam McGeary] tomorrow. Whether it be by choke, KO, TKO or submission, I am going to finish him. I am connected to my inner-being. All I ever request of myself is victory. I don’t request a nice car or a big house, all I request is victory and it will be given to me.”

Liam McGeary: “I am going to become the first Englishmen to win a major title in America tomorrow. I put the work in. I have sacrificed too much to come up short. I have a great team behind me.”

Chieck Kongo: “Two big guys are getting in that cage tomorrow, and at the end I will be the winner. I trained like crazy for this fight. I finished training camp without injury and I came to get what I deserve. If he gives me the opportunity to knock him out, I surely will do it. But if not, we will go the full rounds and I will claim victory.”

King Mo: “I am going to have my hand raised tomorrow. I am not sure how exactly it’s going to happen, but I will make sure of it. I train hard and smart. I have seen everything there is to see in this game. My camp was great. Whatever he gives me, I’m going to take.”

Paul Daley: “Andres Santos is in a lot of trouble. He is going to get knocked spark out. He says he’s Brazilian and a lot of these guys are getting laid out on the floor; he’s going to be another one of them.”

Andres Santos: “I am very confident in my ability tomorrow. I know I will come out with the victory. I have prepared very long and hard for this fight and I will come out the victor.”

Linton Vassell: “I’m going to finish him [Sokoudjou] either on the ground, pound him or win by submission. He only has a couple minutes in him and that’s when I will be looking for the knockout. If not, then I will take him down and save up for the TKO or submission.”

Rameau Sokoudjou: “I’m going to beat him to the ground, that’s the game plan. Whether it is on our feet or on the ground, I’m going to beat him. I trained very hard during training camp, it was very tough. I am healthy and ready to go.”

Brennan Ward: “Im going to go out there and punch him [Millender] in the head. I’m going to do what I do. When I’m on my game, no one can stop me. It means a lot to me to be fighting in front of my hometown, friends and family. I’m going to put on a show.”

Curtis Millender: “I’m going to take him down and beat him at his own game. My striking is my biggest strength. I am absolutely looking for the knockout, it doesn’t matter how I get it. He’s not going to expect me to be the wrestler that I am. He’s going to be in a lot of trouble.”

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