Weigh-ins complete for Saturday’s WCK Muaythai Show at the Sheraton

On Friday, November 2, 2018, the weigh-ins took place for Saturday’s big event, the WCK Muaythai Show, Matter of Pride at the Four Points By Sheraton Hotel.

Barring any last minute changes, the following is the latest copy of the Fight Card we obtained for this WCK FULL RULES MUAYTHAI “MATTER OF PRIDE” Spectacular which is scheduled to take place Friday evening, November 3rd, 2018 at the Four Points by Sheraton Hotel in San Diego, Calif. starting at 7 p.m.


Event Referees: Jim VanOver & Vichai Supkitpol “Rex”

Scarey good, Mychaquil Shields is set to face Jordan Huber of Team Parusa.

Marvin Pepito has benefited big time from his illustrious trainers/coaches Andy Murad and Kris Bruno at the 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu Gym in Spring Valley, Calif. Pepito is set to face Andrew Lama.

You can put this guy on your list of up and coming standouts. Chris Alvidrez (4-0) attacks his opponents as if he were a pack of swarming bees, coming at you so fast you don’t have time to react or defend yourself. The undefeated Alvidrez is set to face tough guy Oscar Gallegos (3-2).

The latest standouts, the newest arrivals are always the toughest names to deliver – for instance Patrick “Tex” Harrington, a new arrival to City Boxing in San Diego’s downtown.

Jorge Gamez may have to wait in the wings as his original opponent cancelled.

Bout #1 has 6’1″ tall, 28-year-old C. Patrick “Tex” Harrington from City Boxing, San Diego in his debut facing 5’9″ tall, 18-year-old Diego Lopez (0-1) from Imperial Beach in an IAMTF Amateur MODIFIED MUAYTHAI contest at 165 lbs. which means HEADGEAR: Yes, ELBOWS: N0, ELBOW PADS: NoSHIN PADS: Yes

Bout #2 will see 23-year-old Reilly Landry (1-0) from Imperial Beach, Calif. (who weighed in at 129.4 lbs.) facing 20-year-old, 5’8″ tall Avia Lindquist from San Diego who is trained by Jhanez Alviz at the UFC Gym in Mission Valley. Lindquist missed Thursday’s weigh-ins and now has one final opportunity to fulfill both the weigh-in and physical requirements at 3 pm. on Saturday for this IAMTF Amateur WOMEN’S FULL RULES MUAYTHAI 130 lbs. bout. In their first meeting on August 18 of this year, Landry defeated Lindquist by a unanimous decision. HEADGEAR: Yes, ELBOWS: Yes, ELBOW PADS: YesSHIN PADS: Yes

On Friday, at the Four Points By Sheraton weigh-in, Marquez Rodriguez weighed 155.2 lbs.

Bout #3 has 41-year-old, 5’10” tall Marquez Rodriguez from Escondido, Calif. (3 wins, 2 losses) going up against 26-year-old, 5’9″ tall, Barack Sekander from Point Loma, San Diego’s The Arena Gym (152 lbs.) who will be making his Muay Thai Debut in IAMTF FULL RULES MUAY THAI bout. HEADGEAR: Yes, ELBOWS: Yes, ELBOW PADS: YesSHIN PADS: Yes

Pretty in Pink star, Jessica Cook is from San Diego, Calif. by way of Columbus, Georgia

Bout #4 features two ladies who will be making their WCK Muaythai debut. 5’1″ tall, 21-year-old Patricia Stabile (0-0) PKB: 0-2, from Fontana, Calif., trained by Bryan Dobler who will be facing 29-year-old, 5’4″ tall Jessica Cook, who is now training with Jhanez Alviz of Team Parusa at the UFC Gym in Mission Valley, San Diego, Calif.

Another of the fighters from Team Parusa is the always tough, always popular Oscar Gallegos.

Bout #5 features 6′ tall, 21-year-old Christopher Alvidrez (163.8 lbs.) USA 4-0, AMMA 1-0 vs. 32-year-old Oscar “OG War” Gallegos (2-1) from Team Parusa who at first weighed in at (171.6 lbs.) for their IAMTF FULL RULES MUAYTHAI bout. With the disparity in weight, Gallegos will need to lose considerable weight before the Saturday, 3 p.m. deadline. Almost immediately after learning of the 8 lb. weight difference, Gallegos took off running. 

the taller and more experienced Ardavan Moeini

Jason Durrant of San Diego by way of Sydney, Australia will have his hands full facing the



Bout #6 features 5’7″ tall Jason Durrant from the Steven Frye led Victory MMA team in Point Loma (147.2 lbs., 2-1-1) going up against the 6’1″ tall, 27-year-old Ardavan “The Suspect” Moeini from Laguna Niguel, Calif. (145.6 lbs., 10-3) in their IAMTF FULL RULES MUAYTHAI TITLE BOUT. HEADGEAR: Yes, ELBOWS: Yes, ELBOW PADS: YesSHIN PADS: Yes

Jordan Huber of San Diego’s Team Parusa returns to face Mychaquil Shields who is making his Muaythai debut but has a 3-2 win loss record in MMA. Shields trains with tough guy Andy Murad at the 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu Gym in Spring Valley.

Bout #7 features the 5’7″ tall, 19-year-old Jordan Huber (5-1) who trains with Team Jhanex going up against the 5’6″ tall, 29-year-old Mychaquil Shields who is making his IAMTF FULL RULES MUAY THAI debut. Both gentlemen weighed in at the exact same 127.4 lbs. In this FULL RULES MUAY THAI bout, they’ll not be wearing HEADGEARELBOWS: Yes, ELBOW PADS: YesSHIN PADS: No

The challenger Jaime Beatty from Corona, California

the Champion Selina Flores from Vista, Calif.


The young ladies battling for the coveted WCK Promotional Belt are joined by the WCK Muaythai CEO Dennis Warner.

Bout #8, which has to be considered either the Main Event or the Co-Main event has Selina Flores (132.6 lbs.) of Vista, Calif. an IAMTF Super Bantamweight Champion going up against the formidable Jaime Beatty a USMTO West Champion (133.2 lbs.) from Corona Muaythai Academy – North Hollywood by way of Ohio. They’ll be battling it out in an IAMTF WOMENS FULL RULES MUAY THAI TITLE BOUT.

In Bout #9, they’re featuring Ismael Zizi (above) from the San Diego Team of Team Parusa led by coach Jhanex Alviz who trains at the UFC Gym in Mission Valley.

Bout #9 has 28-year-old, 5’7″ tall Ismael Zizi from San Diego, 4-4, from Team Parusa facing the always tough 27-year-old, 5’7″ tall Jorge Gamez of San Diego, 8-3, 5’7″ tall, who trains with Carl Gebhardt at the Steel MMA gym in Tierrasanta.

In Bout #10, the Main Event, they have Joe Gogo taking on T. J. Arcangel in a 5 round CSAC Pro Muay Thai 140 lbs. Title Bout. They’ll be battling it out for the WBC MUAYTHAI SUPER LIGHTWEIGHT TITLE. In this FULL RULES MUAY THAI feature, they’ll not be wearing HEADGEAR, ELBOWS: Yes, ELBOW PADS: YesSHIN PADS: No

(l ot r) Joe Gogo, WCK Muaythai Promoter Dennis Warner and T. J. Arcangel.

April Vergara’s record 9-6.

Susan Wallace’s record 8-2-1.


In Bout #11, a 5 round IAMTF WOMENS FULL RULES MUAY THAI TITLE bout 115 lbs., they have 5’5″ tall, 45-year-old Susan Wallace of Encinitas, Calif., 8-2/1, { 10-2/1 } AB: 7-3, S: 4, ABX 7-3, trained by Carl Gebhardt at Steel MMA taking on 5’4″ tall, 30-year-old April Vergara from Pasadena, Calif. who is trained by Bryan Popejoy. In this IKF Amateur Women’s Full Rules MUAY THAI bout, they’ll not be wearing HEADGEAR, ELBOWS: Yes, ELBOW PADS: YesSHIN PADS: No

Savannah Stark (1-1) of San Diego trains with Coach James Gregory at the Art of Eight Gym in Kearney Mesa, San Diego, Calif.

Melissa Sifuentes (6-2) from Imperial Beach, Calif. is coached by Victor Beltran at The Boxing Zone in Imperial Beach, Calif.


In Bout #12, you have 5’5″ tall, 29-year-old Savannah Stark of San Diego taking on 5’4″ tall, 32-year-old Melissa Sifuentes in an IAMTF WOMEN’S FULL RULES MUAY THAI bout (120 lbs.). In this IKF Amateur Women’s Full Rules MUAY THAI bout, they’ll not be wearing HEADGEAR, ELBOWS: Yes, ELBOW PADS: YesSHIN PADS: No 

For Bout #13, they have scheduled 24-year-old Andrew Lamas from Whittier, Calif. (1-0) who is coached by George Valdez to take on 5’7″ tall debutant, 31-year-old Marvin Basconcillo from San Diego who is trained by Andy Murad at his 10th Planet Jui Jitsu Gym in Spring Valley, Calif. in an IAMTF FULL RULES MUAY THAI 135 lbs. bout. Fighters will be wearing HEADGEAR: Yes, ELBOWS: Yes, ELBOW PADS: YesSHIN PADS: Yes.

You talk about a great match to close a show: the Juan Manuel Medina of San Diego versus Miguel Guzman-Lugo of San Bernardino should be a classic.

In the final bout of the evening, Bout #14, they have 19-year-old, 5’6″ tall Juan Manuel Medina of San Diego (2-0) taking on Miguel Guzman-Lugo in an IAMTF FULL RULES MUAY THAI bout 125 lbs. Medina is coached by Jhanex Alviz at the UFC Gym in Mission Valley. Medina will be taking on 19-year-old, 5’8″ tall Miguel Guzman-Lugo from San Bernadino, Calif. (3-1) who is trained by the acclaimed fighter Adam Rottweiler.

These up and comers will be wearing HEADGEAR: Yes, ELBOWS: Yes, ELBOW PADS: YesSHIN PADS: Yes.

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