Weigh-ins held for Saturday’s Battle at the Border

On Friday morning, December 21, 2018, there was a large number of boxers, trainers, amigos plus officials from the Tijuana Boxing Commission milling about awaiting either a physical, news of where to go for a blood test or their official weigh-in for either of two boxing shows, the one being promoted by Velazquez Boxing Promotions at el Rancho Grande at Calle 6TA and Revolucion or the other at the Auditorio Municipal de Tijuana. Highly unusual to have two Boxing shows on the same night within the same town, some of the boxers were actually confused concerning where they should be for their weigh-in.

Without further ado, here are boxers who completed their weigh-in for the 11 Bout Fight Card at El Rancho Grande.

(l to r) 34-year-old Cruiserweight Jorge “El Bandido” Escalante (9-3-1, 6 KOs), Global ID 685503, from San Diego, Calif. will be taking on the 29-year-old southpaw Juan Carlos “Zurdo” Moreno (4-26-2, 3 KOs) Global ID 619556 from Tijuana in a six round contest.
(bottom photos) 22-year-old, 5’11” tall welterweight Ramel Snegur (2-3-1, 1 KO) Global ID 764555 came all the way from Portland, Oregon to face Elias Pacheco. On his resume you’ll discover Snegur fought Kevin Torres back on February 25, 2017. After four rounds, their bout was declared a Mixed Decision Draw. Top photos are of ??
The 34-year-old, 6’6″ tall heavyweight Rafael “El Grande” Rios (6-2, 4 KOs) Global ID 694474 from San Diego will be taking on the 23-year-old southpaw Luis David Rodrigues Aguilar Global ID 586357 (5-20-2, a victim of 9 knockouts), from Tijuana, B. C., Mexico. Interesting to note, Aguilar has a mixed decision loss to another local fighter, Matt McKinney of Oceanside, Calif.
Donnis Reed (left), is a 33-year-old, 6′ tall super lightweight with a record of 2-2, 2 KOs, Global ID 788508, ex-Marine plus Mixed Martial Artist from Lemon Grove, Calif. At this time, Reed will be taking on the shorter Felipe Diosabat (0-3) a super welterweight from Tijuana Global ID 625953.
The 22-year-old, Global ID 694079, 5’8″ tall Joan Jose “La Sombra” Valenzuela (5-11-1, 5 KOs) is set to take on the 34-year-old welterweight Hugo “Furioso” Montoya (4-24-1, 2 KOs, Global ID 463404, from Tijuana who is coming off that UD loss to Armando Tovar Jr. back on November 9, 2018, at the Big Punch Arena.
Bantamweight 25-year-old Cesar Alberto “Tokio”Martinez (right), record 0-2, Global ID 843367 is scheduled to battle the much taller Jesse Mandapat (left).
We’re not certain who this George Clooney lookalike is fighting but you can be assured we will find out.
It was later established this gentleman, 32-year-old Elias Pacheco (0-11, 7KOs) Global ID 762900 would be fighting Ramel Snegur.
Without an official handout from either the promoter or the Tijuana Boxing Commission, we were forced to use this copy of the Promoter’s worksheet to gather as much data as possible. Originally, the promoter was looking to have 17 bouts and then as of noon on Friday, that number had dropped to the 11 confirmed bouts which is not out of the ordinary when you consider these pugilists are often traveling great distances to compete in these shows and Holiday travel can be very limited.
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