Weigh-ins complete for Kenia Enriquez vs Jolene Blackshear championship bout

After their official weigh-ins, Jolene Blackshear (l0 and Kenia Enriquez (r) pose for photos. All photos: Jim Wyatt

After their official weigh-ins, Jolene Blackshear (l) and Kenia Enriquez (r) pose for photos holding the NABF Jr Flyweight Championship belt.

April 3, 2014

Thursday afternoon, the weigh-ins for Friday’s boxing contests at the Four Points By Sheraton Hotel were completed. On Friday evening, the Sheraton will be hosting “Border War” the latest Bobby D Presents offering in the their popular San Diego Fights series. 

Though many will argue it’s impossible to match the excitement of their last show which featured Emmanuel Robles’ victory over the Cuban Olympian Yordenis Ugas, insiders are predicting Friday’s Main Event has the potential of doing just that.

In their eight round Main Event, they have 20 year-old KeniaEnriquez (10-0, 5 KOs), the best female Flyweight from Baja California to Florida, facing the 43 year-old, two-time World Champion Jolene Blackshear (8-4, 3 KOs) from San Diego. 

Blackshear, the former IFBA Flyweight and WIBA Jr. Flyweight Champion has defeated such notables as Sindy Amador in a bout for the WIBA Title in July of last year, and Melissa McMorrow, the former WBO and WIBF Champion in 2009. In each instance, it was her opponent’s first loss. 

Blackshear’s losses: a December 6, 2013, six round unanimous decision loss to Maria Suarez (7-0-1), a 10 round unanimous decision loss in 2009 to Dan-Bi Kim (9-2-1, 2 KOs) in South Korea, a 10 round unanimous decision loss to Margaret “Mean” Sidoroff (8-0-1, 3 KOs) of Canada in 2000 and in only her second fight, a first round TKO loss to Yvonne “The Terminator” Trevino (9-5-1, 6 KOs).

Bt 1 aKenia y Jolene

Kenia Enriquez, Jolene Blackshear, Bobby D Presents, Amaris Quintana, Susan Reno, David Barragan, Adrian Vargas    President of Tijuana Boxing Commission Juan Carlos Pelayo

Kenia Enriquez (r) of Tijuana and her opponent Jolene Blackshear (l) of San Diego pose for photos with the President of the Tijuana Boxing Commission Juan Carlos Pelayo who will present the NABF Jr. Flyweight Championship belt to the winner of Friday night’s contest. Photo: Jim Wyatt

What we have here is youth versus experience, Enriquez facing Blackshear, her toughest opponent to date, one of the top three flyweights in the U. S.

Everyone knows that as a fighter ages, they lose hand speed. In 39 days, Blackshear will turn 44 which means she’s 23 years, 5 months and 7 days older that Kenia.

Still, Blackshear has yet to show any sign of slowing down or losing hand speed. She’s a marvel. And, if we compare Jolene to the aging Bernard Hopkins, the light heavyweight champ, she’s actually 5 years, 3 months and 29 days younger. Like our beloved politicians, we can put a spin on anything.

To get to this point, Enriquez has had no problem defeating all comers from Florida, California, Sonora, Sinaloa and her hometown of Tijuana. The match with Blackshear is her second fight in San Diego. In her last outing, she wiped the floor with Noemi Bosques from St. Petersburg, Florida.

Bout 3 Amaris Quintana collage with Susan Reno

At the conclusion of their weigh-ins, Amaris "Diamond Girl" Quintana (l) and Susan Reno (r) pose for photos.

At the conclusion of their weigh-ins, Amaris Quintana (l) and Susan Reno (r) pose for photos holding a patch from the Women Boxing Archive Network.

On the undercard they have 24 year-old Amaris “Diamond Girl” Quintana (6-2-2, 1 KO) from San Diego who is returning to the ring after two straight losses to the hard-hitting Sindy Amador of Riverside, CA. The 24 year-old Quintana will be facing the 41 year-old Susan Reno (1-1-1) of New York, New York in a six round Jr. flyweight match. 

When asked about her less than stellar record of 1 win-1 loss and 1 tie, Reno said in jest, “I just wanted to check them all out. Like when you go into an ice cream parlor and order a vanilla, chocolate and strawberry cone. I’ve decided to go with Vanilla from here on out.”

Reno’s supportive husband is a New York fireman.

Bt 2 Barragan y Cordova

At the conclusion of their weigh-ins, David Barragan (l) and Eddie Cordova, his opponent on Friday night, pose for photos.

At the conclusion of their weigh-ins, David Barragan (l) and Eddie Cordova (r), his opponent on Friday night, pose for photos. Photos: J. Wyatt

Next, they have super welterweight David Barragan (7-0-1, 3 KOs), the owner of the House of Boxing in the Paradise Hills neighborhood of San Diego, facing 35 year-old Eddie Cordova (4-5-1, 1 KO) from Clearfield, Utah.

Over the past two years, Cordova has won just once, while losing five times. The likable Mr. Cordova, who stated he enjoys competing and he’s not bashful about facing the very best, lives 40 minutes north of the Great Salt Lake and has two children.

At the conclusion of their weigh-ins, both Adrian Vargas (l) and his opponent Luis Cervantes pose for photos.

(bottom) At the conclusion of their weigh-ins, welterweights Adrian Vargas (l) and his opponent Luis Cervantes (r) pose for photos.

Another local, welterweight Adrian Vargas from National City (7-0-1 with 5 KOs) is making his first start since April 23, 2012. He’ll be facing 28 year-old Luis Alberto Cervantes (7-6-3, 2 KOs) of Cathedral City, CA. Cervantes hasn’t fought since September 23, 2011. 

Cervantes, who hasn’t tasted victory since October 19, 2007, just might be a bit of a headache or should we say mystery to solve. His record shows he’s been involved in two no-decisions and three draws.

In late February of this year, he dropped by the Palm Springs Boxing Club and asked the coach Steven Quinonez Sr. if he might help him make another stab at the boxing game and Quinonez agreed.

Quinonez’s gym, located under the glare of the blazing sun with its backdrop of the San Jacinto Mountains, has been helping youngsters in the area for years. How long? When asked, Quinonez recalled the day when a gentleman by the name of Timothy Bradley Sr. brought his 10 year-old, young Timothy, through his front door. That’s how long. On August 29th, Timothy Bradley will be 31.

With all sorts of talented boxers coming Quinonez’s way to train for big fights, eg. Lonnie Smith, Bradley, the Magdalena brothers, Jessie and Diego plus Omar Figueroa, the new WBC Lightweight champion, Cervantes has had a great opportunity to hone his boxing skills with some of the best fighters in the sport. Up till last Friday, Cervantes had been sparring with Figueroa.

Bout 5 Jarrod Tennant vs Mario Angeles

For fear of getting punched in the nose, make up your own mind regarding the look that Jarrod Tennant (l) is getting from his opponent Mario Angeles on Friday at the Four Points By Sheraton Hotel in San Diego..

It’s best you make up your own mind regarding the look Jarrod Tennant (l) is getting from his opponent Mario Angeles (r). These super welterweights will meet in the ring Friday evening at the Four Points By Sheraton Hotel in San Diego.

And finally, it will be Mario Angeles (1-4-1) taking on another local fighter Jarrod Tennant (2-0-0) in a four round super welterweight match.

Yes, he’s back! You might recall, it was Angeles who fought Erin Beach (1-1), Steve Macomber (3-11-1), Alan Sanchez (12-3, 6 KOs) and Antonio Orozco (19-0, 15 KOs) back in 2009 at the Four Points By Sheraton Hotel. His only win in 2009 came against Raymundo Ortega, not at the Sheraton but downtown at the 4th and B Concert Hall.

Angeles’ last fight was against Taras Shelestyuk (8-0, 6 KOs) on May 17, 2013 at the Doubletree Hotel in Ontario, CA for the Thompson Boxing Promotions Group. That fight was stopped after Angeles went to the canvas twice in round two.

No longer a force to be reckoned with, it appears Angeles is now more interested in the paycheck and survival.

Just checking your boxing IQ. Can you name these six individuals?

Can you name the six individuals above? (l to r, top to bottom) You have heavyweight contender Chris “The Nightmare” Arreola with his trainer Henry Ramirez, then Arreola behind the podium, next boxer Josesito Lopez, Carlos Molina, Antonio Orozco and finally Olympian Oscar Molina.

Special Guests at Friday’s show:

If you’re a big fan of heavyweight contender Chris “The Nightmare” Arreola of Riverside, Friday night he will be in attendance along with his trainer Henry Ramirez at this show. In Chris’ next fight he’ll be facing Bermane Stiverne for the WBC Heavyweight Title, Saturday, May 10 at the Galen Center on the campus of the University of Southern California. In the meantime, we’re holding him hostage here in San Diego to make certain he’s over the top ready for that fight.  

In his entourage will be Josesito “The Riverside Rocky” Lopez. You should recognize him from his battles on TV with Saul “Canelo” Alvarez and Marcos Maidana. He’s the gent who broke Victor Ortiz’s jaw. He’ll have his good buddy and sparring partner, top welterweight prospect, Antonio “Relentless” Orozco of San Diego with him.  

Next up, Carlos Molina (17-1-1) from Norwalk, CA. He’s also training at the House of Boxing for his upcoming fight against some bum by the name of Adrian Broner or is it Boner?

Carlos will have his younger brother, Oscar Molina, tagging along. Before turning pro, both Oscar and his twin brother Javier competed in the Olympics, Javier for Team USA in 2008 and Oscar for the Mexican National Team in 2012.

Still no word whether the Mayweathers or Klitschkos will be coming.
San Diego’s temporary resident, Chris Arreola

Thursday’s official weights from the California State Athletic Commission:

Kenia Enriquez 107.5 vs. Jolene Blackshear 107
David Barragan 153 vs. Eddie Cordova 154
Amaris Quintana 108 vs. Susan Reno 108
Adrian Vargas 145 vs. Luis Cervantes 142
Mario Angeles 146 vs. Jarrod Tennant 151

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