Weigh-ins complete for Borizteca Boxing Promotions Show of November 9, 2018

On Thursday, November 8, 2018, at the Tijuana Boxing/Wrestling/MMA Commissioner’s Office, the weigh-ins took place for tomorrow night’s Boxing show at The Big Punch Arena in Tijuana. The Main Event has Kevin “Diamond Boy” Torres of Bellingham, Washington (10-0-1, 9 KOs) facing local favorite Jorge Alberto Brito (10-1, 7 KOs) for the WBF North America Welterweight Title. Below we have the unedited Bout Sheet sent to us by Borizteca Boxing Promotions:

Bout #12

In reverse order we have Christopher Martin (30-11-3) Global ID 364966 who says he is adamant about making another run at either the Featherweight (122 lbs. to 126 lbs.) World Title or the Super Featherweight (126 lbs. to 130 lbs.) World Title.

With his impressive resume, Christopher “Marvelous” Martin is about to give it one last shot at a world title. On Thursday, Martin weighed in at 130 lbs., which has him fighting in the Super Featherweight class.

Martin’s opponent, southpaw Yahir “El Zurdo” Patino (2-21-2) would certainly pull off the upset of the century if he were to defeat the San Diego veteran Christopher Martin.

(l to r) Yahir Patino from Mexicali, Mexico and Christopher Martin of Chula Vista, Calif.

Martin’s opponent on Friday is a 25-year-old journeyman boxer by the name of Yahir “El Zurdo” Patino (2-21-2) Global ID 707030 from Mexicali, B. C., Mexico, a victim of 13 knockouts, who weighed in at 132 lbs. which puts him in the lightweight category. Their Super Featherweight bout is scheduled for eight rounds.

Since Martin usually handles the color commentator duties for Borizteca Boxing Promotions’ Best In Boxing telecasts over the Internet, the promoter had to go looking for an able replacement. San Diego Pro boxer Brandon “2 Smooth” Cruz was recommended by several people. He will now sit ringside and assist Marcos Villegas the lead broadcaster, interviewer and blow-by-blow announcer. As you might imagine, Villegas is glad to have him considering his harried schedule. Villegas is always busy trying to fullfill his many duties on three separate boxing platforms: https://www.youtube.com/bestinboxing, https://www.globalsportsstreaming.com/and his very own programing at: https://FightHubTV.com.

Bout #11

On Friday, Roberto Meza of Temecula, Calif. will be battling for his first title.

The 26-year-old Saul Banos definitely has an advantage over Roberto Meza as it pertains to experience. Nine years to just 3. 26 bouts to just 12 and for sure much better competition.

(l to r) Saul Banos (14-10-2, 7 KOs), Roberto Meza (11-1, 6 KOs).

Another of the big names on this fightcard is 22-year-old, 5’7″ tall Roberto Meza (11-1, 6 KOs) Global ID 759481 from Temecula, Calif. who will be facing 26-year-old Saul Banos (14-10-2, 7 KOs) Global ID 535813 from Loreto, Mexico in a World Boxing Federation Regional Super Featherweight 10 round title match. Both gentlemen weighed the very same 130 lbs. This will be Meza’s first opportunity to win a championship belt.

With Banos coming from Loreto, a hidden coastal paradise, high on so many bucketlists, it makes you wonder where he could possibly get his motivation to be a tough guy and who in that area boxes. Over his 9 year Pro career, 27 fights, Banos has only gotten to fight twice in his hometown of Loreto. Where could he possibly get some good sparring? Plus, we should consider the people he has fought. Of his 26 opponents, only 6 had a losing record. Banos has definitely fought the tougher schedule. Of the people that Meza has fought, only 3 of his 12 opponents had a winning record.

Bout #10 between Kevin Torres and Jorge Brito is the fight everyone is chomping at the bit to see.

Here we have the more reserve, often quiet, unassuming Kevin “Diamond Boy” Torres (10-0-1, 9 KOs) from Chula Vista by way of Bellingham in the northwest state of Washington.

and his opponent, the more out-going Jorge “Alberto” Brito (10-1, 7 KOs) from Tijuana.

As mentioned up top, Kevin “Diamond Boy” Torres (10-0-1, 9 KOs) Global ID 775110 and Jorge Alberto Brito (10-1, 7 KOs) Global ID 730255 (Birth name: Jorge Alberto Brito Cordova) will be battling for the WBF regional title in the eight round Main Event. Both young men, the 24-year-old Torres and 23-year-old Brito weighed in at the very same 145.5 lbs. and both have been very impressive thus far.

Bout #9, (l to r) Alejandro Valladares, Global ID 371366, from Loreto, Mexico vs. Rafael Ramirez, Global ID 34275, from Spring Valley, Calif., battling it out for a Mexican Regional Title.

(l to r) Welterweights Alejandro Valladares and Rafael Ramirez.

Rafael Ramirez has benefitted big time from his close association with his good friend Floyd Mayweather Jr. with whom he would often spar.

Some of the local referees in Tijuana who have worked Alejandro Valladares’ fights over the years remember him as a tough competitor and they’re expecting this bout to be a good one.

In this eight round welterweight match, it is Rafael “Pride of San Diego” Ramirez of Spring Valley, Calif. Global ID 34275 (20-4-2) battling Alejandro Valladares, Global ID 371366 (9-24-1) for the WBF Regional Title. At the scale, both gentlemen weighed the very same 152 lbs. which makes their match a super welterweight contest. As with the Meza vs. Banos match-up, Valladares has only faced stiff competition throughout his career and fought only five boxers with a losing record after being in 34 fights. On the other hand, Ramirez has been in 26 fights, and of those 26 opponents only 7 had a winning record. It’s called strength of schedule and over time, it often makes you a better, more proficient fighter.

Bout #8: Armando Tovar versus Hugo Montoya 

Up to this point, Armando Tovar has had an exemplary career. It’s hard to imagine how his performance against Montoya will prove anything other than Tovar is still in excellent shape.

They say Armando Tovar (9-1) of San Diego, Global ID 727547, was recently talked out of retirement by the promoter Saul Rios. He is returning to face Hugo Montoya Global ID 463404 of Tijuana (4-22-1). On the scale, super welterweight Montoya outweighed welterweight Tovar by 11 pounds, 153 lbs. to 142 lbs. It will be interesting to see how this one plays out and if the commission will allow the fight to take place with that much of a weight difference.

This is another instance where your coach/trainer is looking out for you. Carlos Barragan Jr., Tovar’s coach was the one who spotted the diffence in the weights (11 pound difference) and together with his fighter made the determination whether they could still pull off the victory.

Bout #7 is certainly a mind-blower. They have Dilan Miranda (3-0) from San Diego, Calif. by way of Tijuana, B. C., Mexico, Global ID 829165 returning to action to face Luis Francisco Martinez Cabrera (0-1) of Tijuana, Global ID 852807 who only recently made his Pro debut at the age of 44 on September 21st of this year. In his debut, Cabrera was ko’d in round two. Despite the age difference in Friday’s contest, Cabrera appears to be in excellent shape to face Miranda the former Amateur Champion who just a few years back won Mexico’s version of the Golden Gloves. On the scale, Miranda weighed in at 121 lbs. while Cabrera weighed 120 lbs. for this very interesting superbantamweight matchup.

At the scale is 44-year-old Luis Francisco Martinez Cabrera (0-1) from Tijuana, who may be out to rewrite the history books.

Like a soldier before going into combat, Dilan Miranda stands erect on the scale awaiting the announcement of his weight. Miranda has to feel good about this match-up. It’s nice to have an easy one every once in a while. ‘Just as long as I don’t send him (Cabrera) to the hospital.’

The 23-year-old Dilan Miranda (l) has to be figuring, “This gentleman looks to be in great shape (for his age) but the fact remains, he’s old enough to be my father.”

Bout #6: In a super featherweight match, they have Eric Estrada (1-0) Global ID 845136 (128 lbs.) from Portland, Oregon returning to Tijuana to face Jonathan Perez from Tijuana (126 lbs.) who will be making his Pro Debut. This one should be interesting as you have the more compact Perez trying his best to remain inside to workover Estrada’s midsection while Estrada will be concentrating on maintaining his distance and scoring big from the outside.

On the scale, Eric Estrada of Portland, Oregon weighs 128 lbs.

The shorter, quieter fighters are the ones that are the most difficult to read. Since Jonathan Perez did so well as an Amateur, it will be interesting to see how it translates in the Pros.

For all the obvious indicators, Bout #4 appears to be miss-match.

When you first see Elvis Rodriguez and his cut body, you have to figure someone or perhaps a group of investors has invested a lot of time, effort and money to insure the success of this athlete. Rodriguez, who comes all the way from Santo Domingo, the capital of the Dominican Republic, the most-populous metropolitan area in the West Indies, appears to have a plan in place, the proper coaching, plus sufficient money to insure his success.

According to the Tijuana Boxing Commission, Ivan Ortiz’s current record is a dismal (1-7). That’s not going to cut it when you’re about to face a former National Team member who represented his country, the Dominican Republic, in the 2015 Pan American Games.

The gentlemen, Ivan Ortiz Hernandez (l) and Elvis Rodriguez (r) faced off after being weighed. Coincidentally, both weighed-in at the contracted weight of 140 lbs.

Without seeing super lightweight Elvis Rodriguez fight, we have to go by personal appearance alone. First, Rodriguez is taller, much taller than the 27-year-old Ivan Ortiz Hernandez from Mexico City, Global ID 760771 and in his mannerisms, he appears deadly serious.

Bout #5 features Jessica “La Reina” Juarez (19 years-old) from San Diego who will be making her Pro debut against Veronica Cruz from Tijuana (31-years-old, 0-1) who on 2018 lost in her Pro Debut. It doesn’t get any easier for Ms. Cruz as she will now face an Amateur Champion whose resume includes 66 Amateur bouts over an 11 year career.

After weighing in at 127 lbs., the 19-year-old Jessica “La Reina” Juarez flashes her million dollar smile.

The 31-year-old Veronica Cruz of Tijuana weighed in at 128 lbs.

The young ladies face-off for the many media outlets who were in attendance.

In the opener, Bout #3, scheduled for four rounds, they have Jonathan Anthony Gallegos (132 lbs.) from Durango, Mexico, who will be making his Pro debut against the much shorter, 135 pound Marco Geronimo (below) from Tijuana (0-1) who in the final photo appears to be almost a foot shorter while being three pounds heavier.

Here we see the taller Anthony Gallegos from Durango who will be making his ProDebut.

Gallegos’ opponent, Marco Geronimo (0-1), is from Tijuana and weighed in at 135 lbs.

Anthony Gallegos will be aiming lower when facing the much shorter Marco Geronimo.

Bout #2 has super lightweight Mario Aguirre Global ID#694915, 139 lbs. from Tijuana (2-14) going up against Carlos Escobedo Global ID 770177, 139 lbs., also from Tijuana (0-9).

In the opener, they have Gerardo Yescas (0-0-3) of Tijuana who weighed in at 118 lbs.

Yescas’ opponent is Jesus Osuna (1-9-1) of Tijuana who weighed in at the same 118 lbs.

Gerardo Yescas (0-0-3) (l) and Jesus Osuna (1-9-1)(r) face off for the benefit of the assembled Press. They will be featured in the opening bout.

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