Weigh-ins complete for Bobby D Presents San Diego Fights

Tiger Smalls family

Symbolism: To honor Prince Tiger Smalls’ grandmother who was from Ponce, Puerto, her family displayed the Puerto Rican flag of the original design of 1892. Photo: Jim Wyatt

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

This afternoon, the official weigh-ins took place for Thursday night’s Bobby D Presents Boxing Show at the Four Points by Sheraton Hotel on Aero Drive in San Diego.


The results are as follows:

Maurice “Mighty Moe” Hooker (9-0-1, 7 KOs) now living in Chula Vista, CA by way of the Maple Avenue Boxing Gym in Dallas, Texas weighed-in at 140 lbs. His opponent, Mario Hermosillo from Popeye’s Gym in Tijuana, B. C., Mexico weighed 141 lbs.

Mario Hermosillo versus Maurice Mighty Moe Hooker

At the conclusion of their weigh-in for Thursday night’s fight, Mario Hermosillo (l) and Maurice “Mighty Moe” Hooker (r) pose for photos. Photo: J. Wyatt

With his striking good-looks, you might mistake Hermosillo for Sergio Martinez’s baby brother. That being said, Hermosillo’s only chance to beat Mighty Moe is to stay in close and work the midsection. In this one, there’s a huge reach and height disparity. 

While discussing Hooker’s body type and prospects with manager Arnie Verbeek, Mr. Verbeek elaborated: “Moe has broad shoulders because we leave the coat hanger in his shirts. Granted we’re not impressed with his spindly legs…they’re more like Tina Turner’s, but his punches…they’re like Ike’s (The musician Ike Turner had a reputation for beating up his wife).”

“When it comes to working out, Moe is motivated. Where’s he get his motivation? Moe has five kids, two jobs and one wife. Whatever you do, don’t screw up those numbers.”

Hooker’s veteran trainer, Sultan Ali, has helped immensely. He’s also benefitted from the many prospects who have trained at the same gym in Oak Cliff a rough neighborhood of Dallas, Texas.

Jesus Aguinaga y Leon Spinks III

At the conclusion of their weigh-in for Thursday night’s fight, Jesus Aguinaga (l) and Leon Spinks III (r) pose for photos. Photo: Jim Wyatt

In the co-feature, the always popular Leon Spinks III (5-0-1, 3 KOs) from Huntington Beach, CA by way of St. Louis, MO weighed in at 134 lbs. for his bout with the 18 year-old Jesus Aguinaga (1-0) from Phoenix, Arizona who weighed 135 lbs.

Aguinaga seemed quite confident after mentioning he has been competing since he was eight years-old. In his debut, Aguinaga upset an undefeated, 23 year-old by the name of Thomas Valdez.

Aaron “Gavilan” Garcia y Johnny Frazier

At the conclusion of their weigh-in on Wednesday for Thursday night’s fight, Johnny Frazier (l) and Aaron “Gavilan” Garcia (r) pose for photos. Photo: J. Wyatt

Veteran Aaron “Gavilan” Garcia (11-3-2, 3 KOs) of Vista, CA weighed in at 130 lbs. to match Johnny Frazier (2-16-4, 2 KOs) of Las Vegas, Nevada who weighed the same. The flamboyant Mr. Frazier certainly keeps busy. He’s fought five times in the last 90 days.

Christian Cartier vs Prince Tiger Smalls

At the conclusion of their weigh-in for Thursday night’s fight, Christian Cartier (left) and Prince “Tiger” Smalls (right) pose for photos. Photo: Jim Wyatt

Prince “Tiger” Smalls (0-0-1) of San Diego weighed-in at 126 lbs. to match the much shorter Christian Cartier (0-1). With Cartier being so short and his family so successful in the jewelry business, it makes you wonder why he would ever get involved in prizefighting. Last time out, he lasted four minutes and 14 seconds. Smalls should be able to beat that time.

Christian Torres over Jesus Sandoval

At the conclusion of their official weigh-in for Thursday night’s fight, Christian Torres (l) and Jesus Sandoval (r) pose for photos. Photo: Jim Wyatt

In the final bout, we have Christian Torres (2-1) of Marron’s Boxing Camp in Lakeside, CA by way of Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico at 115 lbs. going up against Jesus Sandoval (0-2) from the Sports University Gym in San Bernardino, CA who weighed in at 113.5 lbs.

Sandoval is the flyweight who twice had problems with Johnny Boy Quiroz. Torres last fought June 15, 2013 at Municipal de Tijuana, an unanimous decision victory over Javier Miranda.

Note well: the much anticipated Emmanuel Robles bout had to be cancelled.

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