WCK Muay Thai to stage All-Amateur Muay Thai and MMA event

Dennis Warner, president of In Sync Productions, announced today that the first of a monthly series of amateur Muay Thai and MMA fight events will commence on February 26, 2011 on the grounds of the Pala Indian Reservation at the Pala Fitness Center.

“We see an acute need to bring the new generation of fighters in the United States into Muay Thai to give them an opportunity to develop their skills from the ground up in a safe environment, so eventually they can have a smooth transition into the professional arena.  I believe it will be this generation that will take Muay Thai to the next level in the US and internationally,” stated Warner.  “We will be working closely with WBC Muay Thai to ensure the highest level of safety for the fighters, whether novice or an amateur with 10 fights under his belt. We will also be choosing an all-American amateur team, which will include both Muay Thai and MMA fighters to represent our country at a highly-televised championship in China.”

Kristina Alvarez has had the good fortune of having Alex Palma as her personal coach. Photo: Jim Wyatt

The first fight card of this “Road to WCK” series is headlined by two incredible women, both IKF West Coast Champions in their respective weight divisions. Super lightweight Kristina Alvarez, who will turn 21 on March 21, usually weighs around 135 pounds. Alvarez will be going up against Amber Pope, who is 32 years old and has been in the gym training for


approximately seven years. Pope’s a light welterweight who usually weighs around 140 pounds. Since the winner of the bout will become the new IAMTF US National Women’s Lightweight Champion, that means Pope will need to stay at or under the 140 pound maximum weight. While Alvarez (6-1) is a local San Diego school teacher, Pope (8-0), is from Dublin, CA. which is close to Oakland. Pope has traveled extensively to compete, even to the birthplace of the Muay Thai/Kickboxing sport, Thailand.

Scheduled fight card as of February 14, 2011:

Muay Thai bouts:

Outside of the ring, they claim Amber Pope is so sweet. Inside of the ring, that's a whole different matter.

Amber Pope (CSA Gym, Dublin, CA) vs. Kristina Alvarez (Blue Ocean Muay Thai, San Diego, CA), a IAMTF US National Women’s Lightweight Championship fight

Justin Smith (City Boxing, San Diego, CA) vs. Scott Venrick (Bob Chaney Martial Arts, Temecula, CA)

Danny Sadick (The Boxing Club, San Diego, CA) vs. Miguel Lavalle (Victory MMA, San Diego, CA)

Edgar Rojas (Bob Chaney Martial Arts) vs. Marvin Madaringa (Blue Ocean Thai Boxing, San Diego, CA). Madaringa just got done winning his debut bout at EPIC Fighting 4 back on January 21, 2011 at the Four Points by Sheraton Hotel in San Diego.

Marvin Madaringa is shown pummeling his opponent, a U.S. Marine by the name of Rogelio Reyes, on the night of his MMA debut. Photo: Jim Wyatt

Ruben Dominguez (Las Vegas, NV) vs. Tony Juan (Adrenaline, San Bernardino, CA)

Johnny Lyon (Arena Muay Thai, San Diego, CA) vs. Brandon Morris (Team Quest, Temecula, CA)

MMA bouts:

Tiffany Van Soest, who's also coached by Alex Palma at the Black House Team Nogueira Gym on Miramar Road in San Diego, is one of the most intense competitors you will ever see.

Tiffany “Time Bomb” Van Soest (Blue Ocean Thai Boxing, San Diego, CA) vs. Kate McGray (Dynamix Martial Arts, Los Angeles, CA)

Manny Marino (Team Quest, Temecula, CA) vs. TBA

Smoker Muay Thai fights:

Brandon Urquizu (USKO, Riverside, CA) vs. TBA

Bradley Guachino (Pala, CA) vs. Robert Holguin (Adrenaline, San Bernardino, CA)

Austin Brandon (USKO, Riverside, CA) vs. TBA

All bouts are subject to change and/or cancellation. Doors open at 5:00 p.m. Fights start at 6 p.m. Tickets are priced at $25 to $30 ringside. For more information call 760-891-3503. For tickets call 877-446-7962. The address of the Pala Fitness Center is 12194 Pala Mission Rd, Pala, CA 92059. Future shows are tentatively set for March 25 and April 30.

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