WBC Woman’s National Convention plus preview of Saturday’s fights

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Zulina raises the arm of the celebrated Jackie "The Aztec Princess" Nava.

The lovely Zulina Guadalupe “La Loba” Munoz (l), the current WBC super flyweight title holder raises the arm of Jackie “La Princesa Azteca” Nava who is once again celebrated for her many accomplishments which include being the WBC & WBA World Super Bantamweight Champion.

Lonnie Ali was also on hand to receive her green Championship belt, the one that is going to catch the ire of her husband. husband

Lonnie Ali was also on hand to receive her green belt for her humanitarian work, a belt that is sure to catch the ire or at least annoy her husband, Mohammad Ali. “After all of the years of training, all the punches I took and now they’re giving all this praise to my better half – it’s just not fair.” And then they’ll both enjoy a hardy laugh.

Honorary bearers of the Flaghonorary flag bearer for the Athletes' ... a world-class shooter who will be the BiH flag bearer at the opening ceremony.

To be an honorary flag bearer is certainly quite of an honor – just ask the athletes who were selected for the 2012 Summer Olympics in London, England and also those chosen for the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia.

These youngsters got to sing for the audience.

Showtime: The youngsters from the nearby Casa Hogar Santa Teresita  Orphanage performed John Lennon’s Imagine for the audience. Was this a special request that came from the show’s master of ceremonies … Jimmy Lennon Jr.?

When it comes to public speaking, some people have it made in spades, for example Hall of Fame ring announcer Jimmy Lennon Jr.

When it comes to public speaking, some people have it made in the shade, for example Hall of Fame ring announcer Jimmy Lennon Jr.

Public speaking comes natural to these veterans, Mauricio Sulaiman and Juan Carlos Pelayo of officials .

Public speaking comes natural to these masters of the trade, WBC President Mauricio Sulaiman (c), the CEO of Zanfer Promotions, Fernando Beltran (l) and Juan Carlos Pelayo (r), the Director of the Tijuana Boxing Commission.

Some people, like the 48 year-old former Welterweight Champion Mia St. John don't have to say much at all

Some people, like the glamorous 48 year-old former lightweight & welterweight World Champion Mia St. John don’t have to say much at all.

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The look at the proceedings from far back.

A look at the proceedings from a distance.

Departure to Valle de Guadalupe for lunch and winery tour

The visit to the Valle de Guadalupe for lunch and a winery tour? Who’s idea was that?Athletes usually stay as far away as they can from any alcoholic beverages.

Friday, January 29, for most of the day, the young ladies had a Working Session hopefully discovering better ways to improve their position in the sport and more ways to get their matches on television. At
 10:30 p.m. it was time for the Gala dinner with a special awards presentation to La Princesa de Tijuana, Jackie Nava and Delfine Persoon, the Boxing Champion of the year.

For 10 of the female boxers, their thoughts were elsewhere as they had to attend their mandatory weigh-in for their fight on Saturday night in Rosarito. Amongst those 10 ladies you have the WBC bantamweight champ Yazmin “La Rusita” Rivas who is making her fifth defense of her title at the Convention Center Rosarito against the Zambian fighter Catherine Phiry. You also have Anely Hernandez facing Ana Arrazola for the vacant WBC silver light flyweight title and flyweight Raja Amaseh defending her silver flyweight title against Eileen Olszewski.

Now imagine being one of these 10 boxers and two ringcard girls and you have all these men gawking at you, snapping photos of you and using some descriptive words unbecoming a lady. Would you be able to take it? boxer Raja Amasheh was literally astonished when she saw all these people/photographers showing up to take her picture. She was so taken aback that she wrote to her facebook buddies: “My weigh-in in Tijuana, Mexico, certainly weird. Why? Here’s a photo from the Friday weigh-ins. We both made weight in front of all these people! I'm wondering how it’s going to be tonight at the Convention Center, as it was already packed at the weigh-in!

It has to be intimidating. Imagine you’re one of the 10 female boxers or two ring card girls up on the stage for the weigh-in and you see all these men looking up at you, staring with an open mouth. One boxer was so taken aback, she emailed a friend. “My weigh-in, certainly weird. I submit this photo as proof. If it’s like this now, what’s it going to be like tomorrow night at the Convention Center?”

Saturday morning, January 30, 09:00-11:00 will be the final working session
 from 11:30-13:00, followed by WBC Cares visit. If they haven’t completed this part as of Saturday they have 1) a meeting with representatives from the UCLA Hospital medical team offering a brain injury presentation, 2) a talk on the impact that social media has on Female Boxing, 3) a talk about the promoting of Female Boxing, 4) Dr. Paul Wallace will offer attendees a fascinating insight into the medical aspects applicable in female boxing, 5) a talk on the worldwide impact of Female Boxing with its amazing surge and recognition especially during recent years.
 And then at 16:00 is the scheduled departure time for the hotel shuttles to go to the Centro de Convenciones, Rosarito, B. C., Mexico to attend the boxing show.

Note well: The fight card at the Convention Center in Rosarito has been changing almost daily. Here is the latest update after the weigh-ins on Friday. The promoter now has 10 females battling it out on Saturday night.

Yazmín ‘La Rusita’ Rivas a 28 year-old righty from Torreon, Coahuila de Zaragoza, Mexico (118 lbs.)  vs. Catherine Phiri (10-1, 5 KOs) from Lusaka, Zambia (117 lbs.) will be fighting for the WBC World female bantamweight title.

WBC bantamweight champ Yazmin "La Rusita" Rivas who is making her fifth defense of her title at the Convention Center Rosarito against the Zambian fighter Catherine Phiry

If she can defeat Catherine Phiri (r) on Saturday night, it would be Yazmin “La Rusita” Rivas’ fifth defense of her WBC bantamweight title.

Ramón ‘Inocente’ Álvarez (22-4-2, 14 KOs) a 29 year-old orthodox fighter from Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico (154 lbs.) vs 37 year-old, James “Shotgun” Winchester (17-11, 6 KOs) from Reidsville, North Carolina (154 lbs.) in a super welterweight clash.

Ramón 'Inocente' Álvarez (22-4-2, 14 KOs) a 29 year-old orthodox fighter from Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico (154 lbs.) vs 37 year-old, James "Shotgun" Winchester

Ramón ‘Inocente’ Álvarez (l) versus James “Shotgun” Winchester (r)

Raja Amasheh (18-0-1, 4 KOs) a 33 year-old righty from Karlsruhe, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany by way of Amman, Jordan 111 lbs. vs Eileen “The Hawaiian Mongoose” Olszewski (10-5-3, 1 KO) a 47 year-old orthodox fighter from New York, N. Y by way of Honolulu, Hawaii (112 lbs.)

Asaheh versus

Asaheh versus

Ana ‘Bronca’ Arrazola (24-11-2, 13 KOs) a 33 year-old southpaw from Tlalnepantla, México, Mexico will take on Anely Hernández (6-5) a righty from Michoacán de Ocampo, Mexico in a 4 round light flyweight bout.

Ana 'Bronca' Arrazola 108 lbs. vs Anely Hernández 108 lbs.

Ana ‘Bronca’ Arrazola (108 lbs.) versus Anely Hernández (108 lbs.)

Bantamweights Elvis “Rockanrolero” Torres (13-0-1, 8 KOs) of Tijuana (130 lbs.) wil be going up against Rosalio “Aspid” Rios (8-3-1, 7 KOs) of Tijuana (130 lbs.). In their first meeting at this very same venue, back on February 28, 2015, they brawlers fought to a Mixed Decision Draw. It should be a great match.

Elvis Torres 130 lbs. vs Rosalio Rios 130 lbs.

Elvis Torres 130 lbs. vs Rosalio Rios 130 lbs.

Sandra “Perla Negra” Robles a 22 year-old southpaw from Tijuana, B. C., Mexico (11-2, 5 KOs) 107 lbs. vs 40 year-old righty Luz “Jaibita” Rodrígues of Tijuana, B. C., Mexico (5-5-1) 107 lbs.

Sandra "Perla Negra" Robles vs.

Sandra “Perla Negra” Robles (l) vs. Luz “Jabita” Rodrigues (r)

Silvia ‘La Guerrerita’ Torres a 24 year old (9-0) from Nezahualcóyotl, México, Mexico vs 26 year-old Joselyn Reza (0-5) from Metepec, Mexico, Mexico (4 rounds, light flyweights)

Silvia 'Guerrerita' Torres 105 lbs. vs Joselyn Reza 105 lbs.

(left) Silvia ‘Guerrerita’ Torres (105 lbs.) versus (right) Joselyn Reza (105 lbs.) One huge problem for Reza. Silvia Torres is the sister of the great Mexican Champion, Ana Maria Torres who more than likely will be in Silvia’s corner.

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