USA Boxing Show at San Diego Combat Academy’s newest location

On hand for the Amateur debuts of (L to R) James Averion, Bryon Bowden and Carion Johnson at the San Diego Combat Academy, Saturday, October 27, 2012, were Johnny Boy Quiroz (front), who recently turned pro, along with his father, coach Bernie Nevarez of Rhino’s Boxing in Vista, CA. Photo: Jim Wyatt

Even with a repressive economy, some people know how to succeed, how to progress, how to keep on doing the right things. After opening their first San Diego Combat Academy on Mission Gorge Road in January, 2011, not far from Qualcomm Stadium in Mission Valley, they’ve now opened a second location in the same spot where The Boxing Club used to be on Convoy Street in Kearny Mesa.

Of course the trainers at these gyms have always been recognizable names, people like Alex Soto and Landon Piercy, many of whom are still competing professionally e.g. Walel Watson and Liz Carmouche. Plus they have those two, almost folkloric, transcendent, one of a kind characters by the name of Priest “Tiger” Smalls and Manolo “Hurricane” Hernandez with his Team Hurricane Awesome. Here’s wishing them the best as they embark on San Diego Combat Academy II.

In Bout #1, it was Clayton Pitts (L) defeating Jessy Martinez (R). All photos: J. Wyatt

Bout #1 of Saturday’s show featured super-welterweights, 22 year-old Clayton Pitts from the very Rockyesque LA Sands Boxing Gym in Los Angeles’ downtown taking on 19 year-old Jessy Martinez of Outlaw’s Boxing Club in Tarzana, CA.

In this one you had a big difference in their skill levels as Pitts proved to be more elusive, a skillful tactician, slashing in and out to score, almost at will with his jab followed by the straight left hand. On the other side, you had Martinez showing much bravery and no quitting. 

At the conclusion of Bout #2, the winner, Scott Torres, poses for a photo with his coach     Tom DeFrancesco (C) and the rest of his supporting cast. Photo: Jim Wyatt

After competing in Bout #2 against Scott Torres, Brian Salomon poses for a photo               with his Mother and two close friends.

Bout #2 featured 18 year-old Brian Salomon (145.6 lbs.) from Oceanside, CA taking on 20 year-old Scott Torres (141.2 lbs.) of Temecula Boxing, Temecula, CA. It was another classic lefty versus righty duel with Torres winning the battle at a 60 to 40 clip.

If you were a regular attendee at these LBC-44 shows, you’d be able to bare witness to the increasing power behind Torres’ punches. It has steadily grown, USA bout by USA bout. At one point Torres lifted Salomon off his feet with a hard left to the chin that sent him flying backwards into the neutral corner.

In Bout #3, it was Jacy Harris (L) getting the best of Tony Burnett.

Bout #3 featured 17 year-old Jacy Harris (138 lbs.) of LA Sands Boxing Gym, Los Angeles taking on 22 year-old Tony Burnett (132.4 lbs) of LA Boxing in Carlsbad, CA.

Harris is a special talent or at least he looked special against Burnett. His punches were like power blasts as they hit their target – pop – pop- with the jab and then straight right. After an additional two shots got through the gloves, he had his opponent staggered.

By Round #2, it was complete domination as Harris who basically did what he wanted. His jabs soon morphed into left hooks.

Burnett’s coach tried to keep his boxer in the fight by remaining positive, “There you go, lay that jab on him!” The only problem, Harris started to come up underneath that jab.

“There you go, you’ve got him hurt!” yelled Burnett’s coach. By this time Burnett knew the truth, he was probably thinking, ‘Yeah, while he’s hurting me.’

Bout #4 winner, Raul Filmon, poses for a photo with the man he managed to defeat Alexander Cha.

It’s great to have a large support group and no one had a larger and better one than            Raul Filmon on Saturday, October 27, 2012 at the San Diego Combat Academy                          in Kearny Mesa, San Diego, CA. Photo: Jim Wyatt

Bout #4 had 18 year-old Raul Filmon (150.8 lbs.), Unattached, taking on 25 year-old Alexander Cha (155.8 lbs.) of The Arena in Point Loma, San Diego, CA.

Early on, this match featured a lot of give and take action with definite momentum swings. By Round #2, Filmon had begun to find his range and became this sharpshooter accurately landing his guided missiles to the head. One barrage netted him a standing eight count.

Cha proved he’s no quitter and put up a good fight in the final round.

Eduardo Gonzalez (L) of Bound Boxing has his arm raised by referee Rick Ley after it           was announced he had defeated Gilberto Ledesma (R) Unattached in Bout #5.

Bout #5, featured 19 year-old Gilberto Ledesma (155.4 lbs.), Unattached, taking on 21 year-old Eduardo Gonzalez (158 lbs.) of Bound Boxing in Chula Vista, CA. This was a free-for-all early with Ledesma pressing the action but getting caught often with nice counters from Gonzalez.

In Round #2, Gonzalez got even more comfortable and at one point landed three straight left hooks. The fact that Ledesma wouldn’t go away, wouldn’t fade, was so relentless, kept this match up for grabs. By Round #3, Gonzalez was still not out of the woods, not as long as the tireless Ledesma kept pressing forward. In the end, it was Ledesma with a bloody nose and Gonzalez with the overall points lead.

At the conclusion of Bout #6, George Cunanan (L), who defeated James Averion (R),              has his arm raised in victory by referee Rick Ley.

Bout #6 had 23 year-old James Averion (136.2 lbs.) of Rhino’s Boxing in Vista, CA, taking on 30 year-old George Cunanan (143 lbs) of Art of Eight in San Diego, CA.

From the outset, it appeared Cunanan had the better boxing skills and soon he was landing a slew of unanswered blows to Averion’s head. It became so one-sided that the referee stopped the action to issue Averion an eight count. A second eight count followed in Round #2 after Averion had his head snapped back.

Before long, referee Rick Ley determined Averion had no chance in this one and decided to go with a RSB (Referee Stops the Bout).

Hoping some of their luminescence, sparkle might rub off, George Cunanan (C) poses for a photo with coaches Danny “Dynamite” Perez and Priest “Tiger” Smalls. Between these two former boxing greats, they have over 140 Amateur and 52 professional wins.

Awaiting the judges’ decision with referee Rick Ley are Bryan Bowden of Rhino’s Boxing (L), the eventul winner of Bout #7, and his opponent Carion Johnson of Escondido Boxing.

In Bout #7, two super bantamweights, 19 year-old Carion Johnson of Escondido Boxing and 22 year-old Bryan Bowden of Rhino’s Boxing of Vista, CA went at it. Since both boxers were making their debuts and rather excited about the fact, it took them a while to settle in.

Over time, Johnson was breathing so heavily, he neglected to bite down on his mouthguard which eventually cost him a point. Before long, it was Bowden who found his rhythm and started landing the punches to pad his score.

Bout #8 between Don Jones and Anthony Muros had to be cancelled.

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