USA Amateur sensations Julius Ballo, Eric Puente, Citlalli Ortiz continue their winning ways

2016 California Silver Gloves

Once again, it was Julius Ballo of the Bomber Squad Academy, El Cajon, Calif. defeating all comers in another big tournament. This time it was the 2016 California State Silver Gloves. The 13-year-old, representing his local LBC 44 District of USA Amateur Boxing in the 12/13 year-old, 90 pound weight bracket, not only defeated last year’s Silver Gloves State champ, Mikel Clements, he defeated Samuel Contreras last year’s Silver Gloves National Champion.


Ballo will now be heading to the Silver Gloves Regional Tournament hosted by the Compton Sheriff’s Youth Activities League in Compton, Calif. on January 5, 6, 7, 8, 2017. Ballo was so impressive, the organizers decided to name him the outstanding boxer of the tournament.

How many trophies can one house handle? The new California State Silver Gloves 132 lb. Champion Julius Ballo keeps on winning. The next plateau for this phenom to reach will soon be 60 wins.

     USA National Tournament

2016 USA Amateur/Youth National Champions                   Following a grueling week of tournament boxing in Kansas City. Meet the young men and women who will have an opportunity to attend national training camps, as well as represent Team USA on the world stage in 2017. 

San Diego County’s other high achievers: LBC 44 had two representatives in this year’s finals of the USA National Tournament held in Kansas City, Missouri. In the finals of the Youth/132 lb. (Lightweight) male category, they had this year’s Junior Olympic Champion Eric Puente from Vista, Calif. getting the best of Mario Ramos from the Bound Boxing Academy of Chula Vista. Just to get to the finals, Ramos had to defeat four individuals. In the 106-pound weight class, Alfred Vargas came in third. Andrea Medina lost a close one to Diana Estrada from Hillsboro, Oregon in the quarterfinals. When it comes to this match-up, it now appears they’re taking turns being the 132 pound National Champion.

The Junior Olympic and now Youth 132 lb. USA National Champion Eric Puente is surround by well wishers – his father Ivan Puente, the Gamez family, Luis, Genaro and Rey, Alberto Alberto plus a Gamez stablemate.

Lazaro Francisco Lorenzana from San Diego came in 5th in his weight class and unfortunately Jessica Kiko Juarez failed to make the weight for her match.

(left) From the Bound Boxing Academy in Chula Vista we have coach Juan Medina Jr. with his boxer Mario Ramos and (below, center) The Arena Gym head boxing coach Joe Vargas is shown wrapping the hands of his young boxer Lazaro Lorenzana. (right) Lazaro Lorenzana with his proud father.

In the Youth/106 lbs. weight category it was Amy Salinas from Mesquite, N. M., getting the decision victory over Amber Rojas, 3-2.

In the finals of the Youth/108 lb. weight category it was Angel Martinez of Rockford, Ill. coming away with the decision victory over Breenan Macias 5-0.

In the finals of the Youth/112 lb. weight category it was Heaven Garcia of El Monte, Calif. getting the victory with a 3rd round TKO of Candice Carter.

In the finals of the Youth/114 lb. weight category, it was Derry Noble of Vacaville, Calif., earning the decision victory over Malik Nelson 5-0.

In the finals of the Youth/119 lb. weight category it was Isamary Aquino of Universal City, Texas, earning the decision victory over Yarisel Ramirez 3-2.

In the finals of the Youth/123 lb. weight category it was James Browning of Las Vegas, Nev., gaining a unanimous decision win over Rogelio Ortega 5-0.

In the finals of the Youth/125 lb. weight category it was Romalin Martinez of Humble, Texas, earning the decision victory over Leslie Soto 4-1.

In the finals of the Youth/132 lb. weight category, it was Diana Estrada of Hillsboro, Oregon coming away with the decision victory over Lupe Gutierrez 3-2.

In the finals of the Youth/132 lb. weight category, it was Eric Puente of Vista, Calif. earning a unanimous decision victory 5-0 over Mario Ramos of the Bound Boxing Academy, Chula Vista, CA. Both gents are in the same LBC, LBC44.

In the finals of the Youth/141 lb. weight category, it was Wesley Di Ana of Las Vegas, Nevada earning the decision victory over Christian Roman 4-1.

In the Youth/141 lb. category it was Zhane Crockett, Toledo, Ohio, gaining the unanimous decision 5-0 victory over Aidyl Cardenas.

In the Youth/152 lb. weight category it was Alejandro Wagner, Lincoln Park, Mich. earning the slim 3-2 decision victory over Kahshad Elliott.

In the 152 lb. Female Youth division Citlalli Ortiz of Coachella, Calif. came through again to win a unanimous 5-0 decision victory over the talented Lina Saulters from Topeka, Kansas, the 2016 Ringside National Champion.

In the Youth/165 lb. weight class, it was Lorenzo Simpson from Baltimore, Md earning the 3-2 decision victory over David Kiminsky.

In the 165 lb./Female Youth division it was Sharahaya Moreu of Albuquerque New Mexico winning unopposed.

In the 178 lb. Youth division, it was Alexis Espino of Las Vegas, Nevada winning by walkover over David Garcia.

In the 201 lbs+ Youth division it was Jared Anderson of Toledo, Ohio earning a decision victory over A. Falah.

In the 201 lb. plus category, it was Ethan Hailey of Stark City, Missouri coming away with the 4-1 decision victory over Nicholas Rollins.

Saturday’s Championship Results

Youth/114 lbs: Derry Noblen, Vacaville, Calif., dec. Malik Nelson, Avenel, N.J., 5-0

Youth/123 lbs: James Browning, Las Vegas, Nev., dec. Rogelio Ortega, South Houston, Texas, 5-0

Youth/132 lbs: Eric Puente, Vista, Calif., dec. Mario Ramos, San Diego, Calif., 5-0

Youth/141 lbs: Wesley DiAna, Las Vegas, Nev., dec. Christian Roman, Mercedes, Texas, 4-1

Elite Female/106 lbs: Jacquelyn Cuddleback, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, dec. Hillary Perez, Arlington, Texas, 3-2

Elite/108 lbs: Nicholas Scaturchio, Hartsdale, N.Y., dec. Efrain Sanchez, Garden City, Kans., 4-1

Elite Female/112 lbs: Virginia Fuchs, Kemah, Texas, dec. Marlen Esparza, New York, N.Y., 5-0

Elite /114 lbs: Fernando Martinez, Phoenix, Ariz., dec. Guillermo Gutierrez, San Antonio, Texas, 5-0

Elite Female/119 lbs: Christina Cruz, New York, N.Y., dec. Rianna Rios, Colorado Springs, Colo., 3-2

Elite/123 lbs: Duke Ragan, Cincinnati, Ohio, dec. Shon Mondragon, Commerce City, Colo., 5-0

Elite Female/125 lbs: Wendy Casey, Buffalo, N.Y., won by TKO over Trudy Li, Brooklyn, N.Y., TKO-3

Elite/132 lbs: Delante Johnson, Cleveland, Ohio, dec. Aaron Perez, Albuquerque, N.M., 5-0

Elite Female/132 lbs: Mikaela Mayer, Colorado Springs, Colo., dec. Rashida Ellis, Lynn, Mass., 5-0

Elite/141 lbs: Freudis Rojas, Las Vegas, Nev., dec. Frank Martin, Indianapolis, Ind., 3-2

Elite Female/141 lbs: Stacia Suttles, Bronx, N.Y., dec. Amelia Moore, Greenbelt, Md., 4-1

Elite/152 lbs: Quinton Randall, Katy, Texas, dec. Brian Ceballo, New York, N.Y., 3-2

Elite Female/152 lbs: Stephanie Malone, Louisville, KY., dec. Nisa Rodriguez, Bronx, N.Y., 3-2

Elite/165 lbs: Troy Isley, Alexandria, Va., dec. Javier Martinez, Milwaukee, Wisc., 5-0

Elite Female/165 lbs: Oshe Jones, Toledo, Ohio, dec. Naomi Graham, Colorado Springs, Colo., 4-1

Elite/178 lbs: Krystal Dixon, New Rochelle, N.Y., won by TKO over Ariana Borrero, South San Francisco, Calif., TKO-1

Elite/178 lbs: Cymone Kearney, Beaumont, Texas, dec. Sean Hemphill, New Orleans, Louis., 4-1

Elite/201 lbs: Cam Awesome, Lenexa, Kans., dec. Blake Davis, Davie, Fla., 5-0

Elite/201+ lbs: Nkosi Solomon, Brooklyn, N.Y., dec. Daniel Bean, Old Bridge, N.J., 5-0

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