USA Amateur Boxing Show results from House of Boxing

David Barragan, Carlos Barragan Jr., Antonio Orozco.

July 20, 2013, The House of Boxing opened their doors for another USA Amateur Boxing Show. (l to r) pro boxer David Barragan, trainer Carlos Barragan Jr. and undefeated, light welterweight Antonio “Relentless” Orozco. All photos: Jim Wyatt

July 20, 2013 

The House of Boxing on Reo Drive in Paradise Hills hosted their fourth USA Amateur Boxing Show and once again they surpassed expectations as it pertains to attendance, food served, number of evenly matched bouts and number of guest celebrities on hand to present the trophies. Hats off to the show’s organizers as it took a lot of hard work and planning.


Jessica Carrillo

Organizers elicited the services of Jessica Carrillo, a star in the making, to sing our National Anthem. At the conclusion of her rendition, she posed for this photo with Carlos Baragan Jr., the event’s Master of Ceremonies.

Without further ado, here are the show results:

In Bout #1, it was nine-year-old Daniel Morales (70 lbs.) of the House of Boxing, the host gym, getting the best of 10 year-old Xavion Douglas (65 lbs.) of Rhino’s Boxing in Vista, CA.

As most orthodox boxers do, Douglas had trouble with Morales who is a southpaw. It wasn’t until the third round that Douglas went with an old fashion bull rush and had some success with Morales up against the ropes.

640 bt1

Antonio Orozco

By the time Antonio Orozco (l), light welterweight contender arrived on the scene, it appeared Xavion Douglas (l) and Daniel Morales (r) needed some consoling.

Hopefully, we will be forgiven for showing the above photos as the expressions on the boxers and referee Dana Kaplan’s face are too whimsical to ignore. Morales appears to be petrified as he looks up at the referee who appears especially stern and uncompromising.

In Bout #2, it was Israel Lagunes (r) of the San Diego Combat Academy defeating Anthony Hernandez (l) of Rhino’s Boxing in Vista.

Carolina Panthers fullback Mike Tolbert

Bout #2, it was Israel Lagunes (r) of the San Diego Combat Academy defeating Anthony Hernandez of Rhino’s Boxing. On hand to present the trophy to Mr. Lagunes was former San Diego Charger, now Carolina Panther fullback Mike Tolbert.

As in the past, the former San Diego Charger standout, now Carolina Panthers’ fullback Mike Tolbert volunteered his services to present trophies to Saturday’s winning boxers.

At the conclusion of Bout #3, Noel Diaz of the Pinzon Boxing Gym (r) had his arm raised by referee Dana Kaplan after he defeated Christian Leon of the Undisputed Fitness & Training Center. On hand to present the trophy was the defensive tackle for the Detroit Lions Ogemdi Nwagbuo.

Ogemdi Nwagbuo

At the conclusion of Bout #3, Noel Diaz of the Pinzon Boxing Gym (r) had his arm raised by referee Dana Kaplan after he defeated Christian Leon of the Undisputed Fitness & Training Center. On hand to present the trophy was the former San Diego Charger, now Detroit Lion defensive tackle Ogemdi Nwagbuo.

Bout #4 featured 11 year-old Jonathan Rodriguez (72 lbs.) from the United Boxing & Fitness Gym of Chula Vista, CA taking on 10 year-old Victor Ortega (75 lbs.) from the host gym, House of Boxing.

This was one of those matches with momentum swings. Rodriguez erred early by getting pinned in a neutral corner but then came back and seemed to be the stronger and busier of the two. While Ortega’s punches were more like short, arm punches, Rodriguez used his leverage advantage to land punches with the full extension.

Jonathan Rodriguez, Victor Ortega

Jonathan Rodriguez of Chula Vista (c) has his winning trophy presented to him by San Diego Charger’s rookie OLB Devan Walker after he defeated Victor Ortega (r). Also present is USA Amateur Boxing official Will White. All photos: Jim Wyatt

In Bout #5, it was 15-year-old Danny Gonzalez (80 lbs.) of Gladiators Boxing taking on 14 year-old Gilberto Roybal (85 lbs.) of United Boxing in Chula Vista, CA. 

Gonzalez took Round #1 by being the slicker, more deceptive and by far the more accurate puncher. That all changed in Round #2 as Roybal became the man in charge by dominating with the straighter punches. That left Round #3 to decide the match and that’s when Roybal proved to everyone that he wanted it more.

Gilberto Roybal, Danny Gonzalez

In Bout #5, it was Gilberto Roybal getting the best of Danny Gonzalez. On hand to present the winning trophy was pro-boxer Rafael Ramon Ramirez (top, left)

In Bout #6, they had 20 year-olds Joseph Torres (140 lbs.) of the Undisputed Fitness & Training Center in San Diego’s Downtown going up against southpaw Jose Soverias (137 lbs.) from Temecula Boxing. 

This bout was dominated by the lefty who simply waited to counter. After slipping each punch, Soverias was right their to return fire. One such return resulted in a jaw-dropping knockdown as Torres went flying backwards in the direction of his own corner.

In the final round, with Torres still motoring along, Soverias did show signs of tiring.

Jose Soverias, Jose Torres

(top left photo) After besting Joseph Torres in Bout #6, Jose Soverias (r) received his trophy from San Diego super lightweight standout Antonio Arellano (far left).

Bout #7 featured 17 year-olds, Fabian Zarco (130 lbs.) of Barrio Station going up against Fernando Munoz  (132 lbs) of the House of Boxing.

As expected this was a great match to behold with Zarco pressing forward to land his wide array of punches and Munoz landing his own. Neither boxer showed any sign of letting up and as the bout progressed so did the tightness in the scoring. In the end Zarco received the nod likely because he came out of the shoot earliest in both Rounds one and two.

Fabian Zarco, Fernando Munoz

In Bout #7, it was Fabian Zarco (red) defeating Fernando Munoz (blue). On hand for the trophy presentation was Philippine champion Rolly “Matsushita” Lunas (r).

Bout #8 featured 15 year-old Daniel Andujo (106 lbs.) from the Temecula Boxing Club going up against 14 year-old Jovani Contreras (110 lbs.) from Barrio Station.

After watching the previous match you figured nothing could surpass that but here comes two guys that don’t know the meaning of quit. This Bout of the Day candidate went nonstop and only the clickers could decipher the winner who in the end turned out to be Mr. Contreras.

Jovani Contreras, Daniel Andujo

In Bout #8, it was Jovani Contreras (r) getting the best of Daniel Andujo (l). On hand for the trophy presentation was pro boxer Israel Arellano. All photos: Jim Wyatt

Bout #9 featured 19 year-old Matthew Gill (147 lbs.) from Rhino’s Boxing in Vista taking on 22 year-old Daniel Duran (150 lbs.) from the host gym, House of Boxing.

In Round #1, you got to give the nod to Duran who kept pressing forward. Then in Round #2, Duran delivered 10 straight unanswered blows to the head.

In the final round, Duran landed his hardest shot of the match which prompted the ref to issue Gill a standing 8-count. Then just before the bell, for his icing on the cake, Duran land one last power shot to the head. This one was never in doubt.

Daniel Duran, Matthew Gill

In Bout #9 it was Daniel Duran (r) gaining the victory over Matthew Gill.

In Bout #10, featured 23-year-old Armando Tovar (145 lbs.) from the House of Boxing taking on the veteran, 26 year-old Jose Gomez (142 lbs.) from the 1 on 1 Fight Academy. 

A few years back, Gomez was a terror and could knock his opponent out with either hand. Over the past two years, he hasn’t been working out as regularly as before. The rust showed. He not only ran out of gas, but was issued an 8-count on his way to the loss.

Jose Gomez, Armando Tovar

In Bout #10, it was Armando Tovar (r) getting the best of Jose Gomez.

In Bout #11, it was 14 year-old Israel Caballero (124 lbs.) of United Boxing going up against 16 year-old Brian Martinez (122 lbs.) from the Ocean Beach Athletic Club of Ocean Beach. 

Caballero dominated with punches that had more pop and came from every angle.

Israel Caballero, Brian Martinez

In Bout #11, it was Israel Caballero (l) getting the best of Brian Martinez (r). On hand for the trophy presentation was Genaro Gamez, member of Team USA. (bottom right, l to r) we have former pro standout Ernesto Martinez, his son Brian Martinez, Luis Rodriguez, co-owner of the Ocean Beach Athletic Club and boxer David Real.

Bout #12 featured 27 year-old Jonathan Trapse (126 lbs.) unattached, making his Amateur debut against the more seasoned 19 year-old Robert Lopez (122 lbs.) from Golden Hands Boxing.

This was what you call a mismatch. Before long, Lopez was teeing off on the novice. After two 8-counts, Trapse’s corner threw in the towel.

Robert Lopez

In Bout #12, Robert Lopez Jr. got the best of Jonathan Trapse. On hand for the trophy presentation, undefeated, light welterweight Maurice “Mighty Mo” Hooker (l)

Bout #13 featured 17 year-old Michael Rettus (159 lbs.) from Rhino’s Boxing, Vista going up against the 29-year-old David Real (160 lbs.) of the Ocean Beach Athletic Club. 

Before long, Rettus had become Real’s punching bag as Real landed one big punch after another. It didn’t even matter that the punches were wide, Rettus couldn’t get out of the way and he couldn’t counter. He did show amazing courage by hanging in there as one 8-count after another was issued.

David Real, Michael Rettus

At the conclusion of Bout #13, referee Rick Ley (c) raised David Real’s arm after it was announced he had defeated Michael Rettus (l).

Come back again real soonSpecial announcement: THE HOUSE OF BOXING recently joined with the John Bray Foundation and together they’ll present San Diego Kids with an Annual John Bray Boxing Clinic. The event will feature a great day of boxing instruction, motivational speakers, prizes, meet and greet with top professional boxers and past World Champions. The great thing about it, it’s going to be FREE to all participates. The event is scheduled for late October, so stay tuned for more details.


Postscript: just days after this event, the three NFL football players reported to their prospective NFL teams for training camp.

After working out at The House of Boxing during the off-season, our San Diego neighbors returned to work, vying to make their prospective NFL team rosters for the upcoming 2013-2014 season.

Mike Tolbert, Ogemdi Nwagbuo, Devan Walker

(top to bottom, left to right) former San Diego Charger, now Carolina Panther FB Mike Tolbert, former San Diego Charger OT, now Detroit Lion DT Ogemdi Nwagbuo and San Diego Charger’s rookie OLB Devan Walker. We wish them the best in their upcoming season.

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