USA Amateur Boxing Show hosted by House of Boxing

At the conclusion of Bout #3, top ranked light welterweight Antonio Orozco, fresh off his masterful TKO victory over Danny Escobar on Showtime’s Championship Boxing, was on hand with his son to present the winning gold medal to Alfredo Vargas (3rd from the left). Orozco wanted to personally thank everyone who has lent their support and also the many supporters who made the trek up to the Staples Center to root him on to victory.

November 17, 2012

On Saturday, the House of Boxing in San Diego hosted the latest USA Amateur Boxing Show. In Bout #7, they featured an 118 lbs. clash between 15 year-old Anthony Munoz of the Undisputed Fitness & Training Center of El Cajon and 14 year-old Roberto Ocampo of the ABC Mongoose Gym, San Diego with the winner advancing to the Silver Gloves State Finals.


Only last week, Ocampo defeated his 15 year-old rival Noe Larios at the Old School Gym in the first leg of his journey.

As he did in the preceding week, Ocampo managed to get off first and even though the exchanges went back and forth, it appeared his punches were straighter and had more power behind them. The scary part was watching him walk right into and through Munoz’s punches as if he were indestructible. In the end it was Ocampo moving on in the tournament to be held December 1 and 2 at the So. El Monte Community Center in El Monte, CA.

After besting Anthony Munoz (R) in Bout #7, Roberto Ocampo (L) moves on to compete in the USA Silver Gloves State finals in El Monte, CA. All photos: Jim Wyatt

Now for the results in the six previous bouts: In Bout #1, it was 20 year-old Miguel Andrade (134.2 lbs.) of Barrio Station taking on 20 year-old Frankie Ruiz (127.6 lbs.) of the Black Tiger Gym off Miramar Road. Only last week Andrade was 19 years of age, weighed about the same(133.8 lbs.), but matched up against Jacob Sanchez of Rhino’s Boxing, who at 27 years of age had a ton more experience. As a consequence, Andrade had more confidence this week and it showed in his ring generalship. The punches that were blocked in the preceding week, reached their target. His success in Round #1, bred even more success in Round two and three. My unofficial scoring had him winning all three rounds.

In Bout #1, Miguel Andrade (L) of Barrio Station gained an unanimous decision victory over Frankie Ruiz of the Black Tiger Gym. Photo: Jim Wyatt

Bout #2 featured 13 year old Jason Meza (101.4 lbs.) Unattached going up against 14 year-old Daniel Andujo (104.6 lbs.) of Temecula.

The slugfest began from the opening bell. Both boxers showed tremendous grit by giving, then taking some big shots to the head. The only difference between the two could be seen in their delivery. Meza’s punches continued to be wide, looping punches while his opponent soon settled in and started delivering the straight stuff while blocking and ducking under Meza’s barrages.

Still, this bout was a nightmare to score. By the end of this bout, Andujo had done enough to win over the judges.

In Bout #2 it was Daniel Andujo (R) of Temecula getting the best of Jason Meza (L).

Bout #3 featured 11 year-old Alfred Vargas (72 lbs.) of Barrio Station, San Diego, taking on 10 year-old Danny Cuin (71.8 lbs.) of Temecula Boxing.

In this one, there was a difference in their skill levels. Whereas Cuin has been training for just a year and this was only his second bout, Vargas appeared to be the established veteran after fighting a minimum of three times. From the outset you could see Vargas had the upper hand the way he was outworking and outboxing Cuin.

At the conclusion of Bout #3, the son of Southern California’s top ranked light welterweight Antonio Orozco (L) presented the gold medal to Alfredo Vargas.

Bout #4 was a rematch between 18 year-old Brian Salomon (147 lbs.) of Pound for Pound in Oceanside, Ca and 20 year-old Scott Torres (141.6 lbs.) of Temecula, CA. They fought two weeks ago at the San Diego Combat Academy. With no intent to over-hype this match, this was truly two pros throwing hands with bad intentions.

Salomon, the taller of the two, circled on the outside and did a good job of landing the head snapping right hands, two in the first round, another powerful shot in the second, hard enough to have the referee step in and issue Torres an 8-count and three consecutive banging rights late in the third. Meanwhile, you had Torres, a southpaw, constantly working to get in close and land his powerful left. For the second straight time, the lefty landed more of the telling blows which had a bigger impact on the judges.

At the conclusion of Bout #4, referee Hondo Fontan (C) raised the arms of both Scott Torres (R), the eventual winner, and Brian Salomon (L) as the crowd applauded their performance.

As they say “a special shout out” to coach Tony Esparza who was honored on Saturday for his commitment to the community and his many years of being the head boxing coach at Barrio Logan, a boxing gym that has produced more than it’s share of great boxers.

Bout #5, featured 16 year-olds Fernando Munoz (132 lbs.) of the host gym, House of Boxing, taking on Dion Jones (132 lbs.) of JSF Boxing in Pacific Beach.

This was another great matchup between two boxers of the same weight and ability. Jones is long and lean, doesn’t look particularly powerful but he is. On Saturday, he threw hard punches with this whipsaw-like delivery. He caught Munoz with a straight right flush, a right uppercut and also a hard left. The sharp jab and sudden two and three punch combinations made it appear Munoz was in big trouble.

But that’s one of the reasons why these guys like to box. The shorter Munoz was bent on getting in close to pound away at Jones’ midsection. Back and forth went the momentum. Jones tagging Munoz and Munoz digging into Jones’ rib cage. As the saying goes, “When you work the body, the hands will soon drop.” That’s exactly what happened as Jones slowed down in Round #3 and suddenly became a sitting duck for Munoz’s power punches. Still, Munoz needed every last punch to pull even and then pass Jones as they neared the finish line.

In Bout #5 it was Fernando Munoz (R) of the host gym, House of Boxing, getting the win over Dion Jones (L). Photo: Jim Wyatt

After their exciting bout, Fernando Munoz (L) and Dion Jones (R) pose for a photo together with their coaches. Photo: Jim Wyatt

Bout #6 had 10 year-old Jabin Chollet (77 lbs.) of Barrio Logan, taking on 9 year-old Jose Fernandez of Cital Boxing and Nutrition in San Diego.

Chollet used his longer arms to score almost at will on the shorter Fernandez. To his credit, Fernandez kept pressing forward and on occasion matched Chollet’s output. With Chollet landing at a two to one clip, the outcome was never in doubt.

In Bout #6 it was Jabin Chollet (R) of Barrio Station getting the win over Jose Fernandez of Cital Boxing and Nutrition. Photo: Jim Wyatt

Jr Carbonell (Left) got a bronze medal in his first West Coast Grappling X Gi Tournament, but plans to win the gold medal the next time. Learn more about San Diego grappling training here.

Near the close of the show, Carlos Barragan Jr., the event’s organizer and show’s MC announced that the House of Boxing’s Jr Carbonellhad just won a bronze medal at the Grappling X West Coast Gi Championships. That was quite an accomplishment when you consider the emphasis is clearly on boxing at the House of Boxing.

Here’s a photo of Antonio Orozco (L) of San Diego, CA standing next to Danny Escobar of Riverside, CA at their pre-fight weigh-in on Friday, November 9, 2012, the day before their bout on the undercard of the Showtime Championship Boxing fight card featuring Abner Mares versus Anselmo Moreno.

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