Top San Diego photographer showcases his work


When one of the top sports and nature photographers offers you a smidgen of his work, you drop everything and taken full advantage. That’s what happened the other night when Paul Gallegos offered me the photos he had taken at the “Heavy Hitters” Boxing Show produced by Bobby DePhilippis in association with Jorge Marron Productions and Gabriel Barron Entertainment.

Adrian Vargas (R) versus Frankie Martinez (L). Photo credit: Paul Gallegos

Adolfo Landeros is shown on his stool looking across the ring at his opponent Manuel Sarabia. Photo: Paul Gallegos



What you respect about photographers like Gallegos is their grasp of the medium without the usual confusion of lighting, shutter speeds and such.

Well known timekeeper, Mike Milsap, has his photo taken by Gallegos.

Manuel Sarabia (L) is shown delivering a stiff jab to the head of Adolfo Landeros. Photo: Paul Gallegos

Armed with the experience of travel, observation and drama, he’s always putting himself in position to get those great shots, the ones that end up on a magazine cover.

Like me you’ll soon become jealous of how he can judge exposure from his past experience, the proper light conditions and how he deals with a subject matter that is often moving. Gallegos’ ability to stop fast action, and capture a unique moment is legendary.

Since Gallegos has been everywhere on the planet, his website has a wide variety of diverse photos, each showing not only his sensitivity, but his selectivity of what people like to see.

I have attached some of the great shots he’s provided. Enjoy! If you’re interested in photography, I suggest you also check out his website.

Federico Martinez (R) is shown landing a looping right to Pablo Armenta's head. Photo: Paul Gallegos

Adrian Vargas (R) is shown nailing Frankie Martinez (L) with a right cross. Photo: Paul Gallegos

Eddie Hunter (R) misses with a left hook thrown at James Parison (L). Photo: Paul Gallegos

Joe Delgadillo (L) lands a left hook to the head of Charles Tucker (R). Photo: Paul Gallegos

Adolfo Landeros (r) lands a straight right to the head of Manuel Sarabia. Photo: Paul Gallegos

Pablo Armenta starts to wonder what it will take to stop his opponent Federico Martinez. Photo: Paul Gallegos



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