Former Heavyweight Champion’s message is clear

         At this time, Andy Ruiz Jr.’s message to Anthony Joshua is cyrstal clear:               “I couldn’t get any more serious about the return of those belts.”

Our first thoughts on seeing this recent development: “Awesome! He did it and he should be congratulated even more now than when he first won those four World Heavyweight Titles. If he were to now open up an Andy Ruiz Jr. Fitness Center somewhere – he would no doubt have people waiting in very long lines just for their opportunity to sign up at his facility. Ruiz’s before the weight training photo and the now to show off the new Andy Ruiz Jr., is astounding. With his proven heart of gold, and his present committment to excellent health, the sky is now the limit.

          That being said, with all of the current troubles in the world, it appears        boxing fans will have a long wait for that third “Trilogy” fight.


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