Epic Fighting’s dream matchup – Jordan Salvador vs Andrew Lagdaan

Even though he’s relatively new to the fighting sports, mixed martial artist Jordan Salvador (R) is often sought out for advice. Here we see the young Jordan Hubber (L), a WCK Muay Thai competitor, getting an assist on his striking technique from Salvador. Photo: Jim Wyatt

Saturday evening, September 8, 2012, at 6 p.m. the doors to the 4th and B Concert Hall in Downtown San Diego will open for another exciting Epic Fighting Show.

For this one, I can guarantee the MMA community is in for a real treat. That’s when Andrew Lagdaan (Log-dah-an) (4-2), the accomplished Epic Fighting champion from the So Cal Martial Arts Center in Chula Vista will be challenged by the young upstart Jordan Salvador (2-0) from Victory MMA in Chula Vista, CA. for the 155 pound Championship Belt. With their amazing fighting skills, this has to be considered a dream matchup.

No matter what situation he finds himself in, Jordan Salvador always appears to be super confident, loose as a goose and ready to have fun. Photo: Jim Wyatt

Jordan Salvador is shown hitting the heavy bag at the Victory MMA gym in Point Loma. Photo: Jim Wyatt

Salvador, who is 5’ 11” tall and only 20, is what you’d call a natural. He will use his reach advantage when striking and employ his dangerous Judo throws to counteract the 27 year-old Lagdaan’s strength advantage and more battle tested Mixed Martial Arts skills.

Even though Salvador will appear to be the more skittish in his fights, this is the style he employs to move about with catlike quickness. He’s an in and out attacker who will use both hands and often favor the upper cut.

After one of his easier victories, Andrew Lagdaan poses with his coach and teammate from the So Cal Martial Arts Center. Photo: Jim Wyatt

The coach at the So Cal Martial Arts Center likes to toughen up his students with this exercise which involves kicking to the stomach and punches to the face. Photo: Jim Wyatt

Lagdaan remains calm and prods forward. He’ll likely wait to counter off any wide looping punch. Since both have granite chins, the true test will come when the two get in the clinches or start their ground fighting.

Highlights from the rest of the fight card? From the same So Cal Martial Arts Center, they have  Jorge Velasquez returning after a two year hiatus. No doubt he’ll be showing off his Taekwondo Do Black Belt skills against the tough and Jeremy Howard (2-0) from Pro AM which is the gym of the legendary fighter Jeremy Horn who’s had over 100 fights.

Also on the fight card is a top prospect by the name of David Judd (1-1) from Team Right Cross who thrilled Epic Fighting fans at the last show with his back and forth battle against Kris Bruno which ended with the 20 year-old, quiet, church going Judd, transforming into a screaming, Banshee warrior after submitting the 26 year-old Bruno in round #2.

Also garnering attention is the intimidating Emilio Teran who’s already getting a reputation for scaring fighters, and beating them before the fight even starts.

Francisco “Panchito” Castro (5-5-1) from the US Marine Corps is set to take on Ruben Covarrubias (2-0) from Team Quest, San Jacinto, while Kyle Kleinschmidt (5-1-1) from The Arena returns. He’s being challenged by the always unpredictable Odon Alvarez (3-5).

Kyle Klienschmidt (C) is joined by his support group after a recent victory. Photo: Jim Wyatt

In Kleinschmidt’s last outing in Epic Fighting 13, he fought for the 185 pound championship against Chris Loyd. They battled to a draw which leaves the 185 belt still up for grabs.


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