Borizteca Boxing Management Group’s plans for 2016

The Borizteca Boxing Management Group adds LATV to their mix to joined the movers and shakers of Professional Boxing.

Local Boxing Promotion Company, Borizteca Boxing Management Group, led by CEO Saul Rios Carrasco of San Diego adds LATV to the mix to join the movers and shakers of Professional Boxing.

Saul Rios Carrasco, the CEO of the Borizteca Boxing Management Group, headquartered in San Diego, another former boxer turned boxing promoter, announced he is in negotiations with the folks of the LATV Network to air 10 of his Borizteca Boxing Promotion shows in 2016 with one show per month in Prime Time in the 7:30 p.m. (PST) time slot on Friday night.

As it pertains to TV Networks, LATV (Latino Alternative Television) founded in 2001 is the only remaining Latino-owned TV Network. Since January of 2015, LATV’s programming has been aired in 37 media markets which includes 17 states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico. As a result, LATV can now reach over 42,255,000 homes and garner a 37% share of this unique mostly Latino market.LATV

Not only will this increased exposure interest countless Latino viewers, it promises to draw from Boxing’s ever increasing fan base. For example, a recent show on LATV featured The Boxing Highlights of 2015, a review of the biggest fights thus far in 2015 presented by the RJJ Boxing Academy show (Roy Jones Jr. Promotions).

Aside from LATV’s live world championship boxing, the popular LATV Network features a wide range of lifestyles and entertainment programming to include Score Final, Las Super 20, El Ultimo Pitazo, Al Moha Dazo, Las Noches Fe LATV, CMLL De Lucha Libre.

The LATV Network’s headquarters is located at 2323 Corinth Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90064. Their Marketing & Promotions staff for Southern California is led by Armandina Cueva, email: Tel: 310-943-5288. To contact the National AD Sales people you go through Gisella Fu-Ripp, Tel: 212-627-3192, email:

More about the Borizteca Boxing Management Group

The Borizteca Promotions Fight Cards have featured many of the talented up and coming male and female stars of tomorrow from both Mexico and the southwest of the United States to include heavyweight prospect Alexander “The Great” Flores, Angel “Diablito” Ramos, Jorge “Tito” Ruiz, 17 year-old Xavier Martinez of Sacramento, Alexis “Pillo” Canett, Victor “El Pelon” Ruiz, Brian “Sweet” Jones, twin brothers Aaron & Abel Rueda plus Manuel Cebbalos of Merida, Yucatan, Mexico, Cristian “El Ruso” Olivas of Tijuana, the Arellano brothers, Israel and Antonio of Chula Vista, Calif., plus top female fighters like Kenia Enriquez of Tijuana and Amaris “Diamond Girl” Quintana of San Diego.

Being headquartered in San Diego, the majority of Borizteca’s competitors come from either Baja California or Southern California. The color commentators signed on for their upcoming series include stalwarts Fernando Paramo and Marcelino Avila who have won multiple Emmy Awards for their Live Sports Coverage.

LATV, which comes over the air in both San Diego and Los Angeles on Channels 17, 46 and 57, is also carried by the majority of Cable TV Companies, Direct TV and DISH. A more complete listing can be seen when you visit Collage 2 f jjj Collage 2b jjj collage 2e jjjj Collage 2 jjj Collage 2 c

For more information regarding the Borizteca Boxing Management Group you can always make direct contact:

Saul Rios, CEO

Tel: 619-410-5791,

Lou Messina, Director of Operations

Tel: 619-674-0952,

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