War Machine

Christy Mack, War Machine love story looks to have a tragic ending (updated February 24, 2015)

Leading up to Friday, August 15, 2014, the mixed martial arts fighter War Machine, formerly known as Jonathan Koppenhaver of Las Vegas, Nevada by way of San Diego, CA, by way of Simi Valley, CA had seven warrants out for his arrest, or should we say capture. The tabloids were having a field day reporting this […]

San Diego now rivals Brazil as the #1 source of MMA fighters

No brag, just fact – San Diego County is and will likely remain one of the world’s hotbeds as it pertains to producing the world’s top Mixed Martial Artists, male and female. To support this claim, just take a gander at the number of MMA fighters now signed by the major fight organizations – UFC, […]

Bellator’s Welterweight Tournament features two local champions

The long awaited Bellator MMA Welterweight Tournament Final between Ben Saunders and Douglas Lima will take place Friday, September 20, 2013, at Phoenix’s Grand Canyon University Arena. That same evening Bellator Fighting Championships will include the opening rounds of their new Welterweight Tournament in which San Diego will have two dogs in the fight, Herman […]

Once again Super Heroes & Comic-Con return to San Diego

From Wednesday’s preview through Sunday’s final day, there have been tens of thousands of comic book, video game, and fantasy movie fans visiting our fair city to have their annual conclave at the San Diego Convention Center. Among this group are people, who for one week a year, fantasize they have become the super hero […]

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