Miguel Cotto

Week’s best fight photos and miscellanea

Like a photo essay of someone growing up, we, as all knowing fight fans, need to see our fighters in their totality. When they’re at work and play; when their being good citizens and when they’re not; when they’re at their most charismatic and when they’re at their lowest point. Here are the top candidates […]

Questions get answered after Cotto defeats Margarito

The highly anticipated rematch between Miguel Cotto of Puerto Rico and Antonio Margarito of Mexico is now in the record books. Cotto got his revenge against the first fighter to defeat him and at the same time exorcised the demons many believe were with him since that fight. Leave This Blank:Leave This Blank Too:Do Not […]

We tried to tell you, Cotto wins mismatch with Mayorga

Round by round coverage: Round 1 Cotto lands more punches while Mayorga throws wild looping hooks, like a matador flashing his cape at a bull. Solid left hook by Cotto lands as the round ends with a decent exchange. Cotto wins the round 10-9 Round 2 Mayorga unleashes body shots on Cotto. Cotto jabs Mayorga […]

Letter from Benny, Cotto versus Mayorga

Once again, Benny Ricardo, the ex-NFL kicker, everyone’s favorite play by play color analyst (Football and Boxing), plus stand-up comic sent us a line. His latest words of wisdom concern the upcoming PPV fight on Saturday. Benny Ricardo: Is Saturday’s PPV event between Miguel Cotto (35-2) and Ricardo Mayorga (29-7-1) worth buying and stocking up […]

Shopping for entertainment, Saturday it’s either Cotto vs Mayorga or Martinez vs Dzinziruk

Did you ever go into a clothing store and see some God-awful sweater and wonder, who in their right mind is going to buy that? Then you turn around and see some schmuck wearing that very same sweater. San Diegans are faced with a similar conundrum on Saturday and I’m wondering who in their right […]

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