Juan Medina

It’s been a banner year for the Bound Boxing Academy

You talk about having a great year, that’s just what the Bound Boxing Academy Boxing Team has had in 2015. On June 13th, 16 year-old Andrea “The Boss” Medina defeated Lupe Gutierrez, the defending 132 pound world champion at the USA Amateur Boxing Junior Olympic Tournament. When we add that victory to the other three National Title victories, we have […]

Rhino Boxing’s USA Amateur Show results Part II

Bout #9 featured the always tough, 21 year-old Jose Vigil of North County Boxing going up against Elias Diaz of the Gladiator School of Martial Arts and Boxing in Spring Valley. On May 7 of this year, Vigil battled Emmanuel Diaz, Elias’ older brother and lost. He probably figured, if I can’t beat Emmanuel, I […]

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