Joe Frazier

Muhammad Ali: “I am the greatest!”

Next to, “float like a butterfly, sting like a bee,” the most memorable quote from Muhammad Ali has to be: “I am the greatest_, the greatest of all time!”

The City of Brotherly Love pays tribute to Joe Frazier

One of the Philadelphia’s fiercest competitors, Joe Frazier, who spent a lifetime playing second fiddle to his arch nemesis, Muhammad Ali, died November 7, 2011. He was 67.

Fifty greatest punchers of all time

As selected by The Ring Magazine in their 2003 Yearbook. Joe Louis Sam Langford Jimmy Wilde Archie Moore Sandy Saddler Stanley Ketchel Jack Dempsey Bob Fitzsimmons George Foreman Earnie Shavers Sugar Ray Robinson Ruben Olivares Wilfredo Gomez Rocky Marciano Sonny Liston Mike Tyson Bob Foster Thomas Hearns Khaosai Galaxy Alexis Arguello Carlos Zarate Max Baer […]

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