Gilbert Melendez

Shane Kruchten, a one of a kind Mixed Martial Artist

Did you ever want to ask one of these Mixed Martial Artist about why they insist on living their life on the edge? Here’s a suggestion; go talk with Shane “the Zombie” Kruchten because that’s his MO. This 27 year-old combat veteran has done some of (ok, most of) the things the majority of us […]

Strikeforce results Melendez vs Masvidal, Cyborg vs Yamanaka

When Strikeforce announced they had so many exciting fighters on their December 17, 2011 fight card and that this event was going to be held at the Valley View Casino Center in Point Loma, the local MMA fans were ecstatic. Once again, the big boys were giving San Diego its props for having arguably the […]

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