Escondido Swap Meet

Results from Saturday’s show at the Escondido World Market Place

September 21, 2013 On Saturday, even with a big MMA Show, the Xplode Fight Series, across town on the same night, the latest Pars Entertainment boxing show turned out to be a grand success. Why? Because, as in the Amateurs, the boxers who were performing had built this reputation for going toe to toe and giving the boxing […]

“Mano a Mano” boxing show Saturday at World Market Place in Escondido

Saturday’s “Mano a Mano” boxing card at the Escondido World Market Place should be a doozie. Anytime you have so many hopefuls striking out on their professional careers, it’s unlikely anyone can give you a good read on who will win the contests. Regardless of what anyone says, every rookie has the opening bout jitters […]

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