Bob Arum

Floyd Mayweather, Manny Pacquiao, Bob Arum, Alex Ariza all pointing fingers

Who’s to blame for the Megafight not happening? It looks like it’s that time again. Time to restart the great debate of boxing or pull the scab off a controversy that just won’t go away. Somebody has been lying to us.

Back in the saddle, Mercito Gesta is raring to go

April 9, 2014 Thursday, April 10th, at 2:00 p.m. the 14 boxers scheduled to fight on the Friday, April 11, 2014 Boxing Card at the Del Mar Fairgrounds, the latest installment of “Ringside at Del Mar”, will weigh in at the Plaza Bonita Mall at O’s American Kitchen (east side of mall), 3030 Plaza Bonita Rd., National City, […]

Bradley vs Pacquiao – the controversy won’t go away

At this point, it looks like that condemnation, the rant we heard about the judges’ incompetence from announcers Jim Lampley, Max Kellerman, Harold Lederman and Emanuel Steward was a bit overblown. After all their total assessment was off the mark as well.

The City of Brotherly Love pays tribute to Joe Frazier

One of the Philadelphia’s fiercest competitors, Joe Frazier, who spent a lifetime playing second fiddle to his arch nemesis, Muhammad Ali, died November 7, 2011. He was 67.

Letter from Benny concerning Kelly Pavlik reclamation project

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