Antonio Margarito

V&B Promotions returns to Tijuana for another blockbuster show

Things to do, places to go, shows to see in Tijuana? After Friday night’s mayhem at Tijuana’s Municipal Auditorium with the masked luchadores performing their insane, daring antics, it’s time to get back to the more dicey, more perilous world of professional boxing which is making it’s first return since March 29, 2013.

Antonio Margarito announces his retirement

At noon today, boxer Antonio Margarito announced his retirement on Facebook. Dear Family and Friends, After twenty-two years of full dedication to the profession I love, I have made the decision to announce my retirement from boxing. After much thought and extended conversations with my family and team, we have all agreed that the time […]

Letter from Benny re: Saturday’s Pacquiao vs Bradley matchup

Who better to give us the inside scoop on Saturday’s Pacquiao vs Bradley match-up, than the gentleman who will be at ringside calling the action. That’s right we got another in a series of Letters from Benny, Benny Ricardo, the fun loving, ex-NFL kicker, stand-up comic, well known announcer, play by play and color commentator […]

Questions get answered after Cotto defeats Margarito

The highly anticipated rematch between Miguel Cotto of Puerto Rico and Antonio Margarito of Mexico is now in the record books. Cotto got his revenge against the first fighter to defeat him and at the same time exorcised the demons many believe were with him since that fight. Leave This Blank:Leave This Blank Too:Do Not […]

Weekend fights satisfy the Good guy vs Bad guy theme

The promoters had no problem peddling this weekend’s match-ups. It was easy. All they had to do was bring up that loathsome label of “Cheater” and mention the distinct possibility of revenge. Leave This Blank:Leave This Blank Too:Do Not Change This:Your email: 

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