Reveling in Anaheim after Munguia gets win #38, Chavez win #1

What a fight!

For the 38th time in his Pro Career, the 25-year-old Jaime Munguia of Tijuana, B. C., Mexico came out victorious. Once again, it was against another of the top 10 Super Middleweights in the World. During this 12 rounder which went the distance, Gabriel Rosado employed numerous dirty tricks in hopes of securing the win. The business of Rosado continually hitting Munguia on the back of his neck went unchecked. Just once, this boxing scribe would have liked to have seen the ref put a stop to the illegal rabbit punching and take a point away as they’re supposed to do. If that had been done, all three scores would have likely been 119 – 109 across the board.

Born in Philadelphia, the 5′11½″ tall, extremely competitive Gabriel “King” Rosado” trained long and hard in Los Angeles with one of the best trainers of our day Freddie Roach for this battle versus Jaime Munguia. Then, throughout this 12 rounder, on more than one occasion, Rosado managed to catch Munguia with solid blows to the head. That being said, Rosado must have been dumbfounded to discover Munguia’s iron jaw. With each of his possible knockout blows Munguia appeared unfazed. They say the key to developing an iron jaw is to develop strong neck muscles. Concussions/knockouts occur when there’s this movement of the brain inside your skull when getting punched. Having a strong neck allows for more stability of the head which in turn reduces the chance of getting knocked unconscious. An iron jaw isn’t really about the jaw itself as much as it is about a boxer’s neck muscles that he or she can develop. Also, in the case of Munguia, this observer believes it has even more to do with Munguia’s genes (genetics). Take a gander at Jaime Munguia’s Father, his size, his build and his chin. Those are some mighty good genes which his father and mother passed down.

Making his pro-debut on Saturday night, the rookie Jorge Chavez (l) had to be startled when he first caught sight of his opponent Gilberto Aguilar as he approached the scale for his official weigh-in on Friday.

Then, Saturday evening, November 13, 2021, some 30 hours after that rather, strange meeting, there was the 21-year-old, hot prospect, super featherweight Jorge Ivan Chavez of San Diego back in the center of the ring facing this most interesting opponent Gilberto Aguilar from the grandiose Mexico City, the most populous metropolitan area in the Western Hemisphere. This time around, the 41-year-old, 5’8” tall opponent was not wearing his get-up. So, who was this mysterious gent? From what Chavez was able to learn, Aguilar had been a Professional Boxer for a little over two years and actually had a more than passable face. In addition to his three previous Pro Boxing matches, Aguilar had fought three Bareknuckle Fights. Aside from their age difference both were around the same height and of course both weighed under the Super Bantamweight limit. All in all, it’s likely Chavez with his four plus years as a USA Amateur Standout had more confidence and was certainly worthy enough to be on this prestigious Golden Boy Promotions fight card.

After their heated exchange in Round 2, both men suffered cuts over the eye. Chavez’s cut over his left eye matched the cut his opponent suffered over his right eye from their accidental head-butt. Then, it was on to Round 3, and Chavez became even busier and ended up stopping his opponent to secure the KO win. The talk after Chavez’s first victory involved chiding the young rookie, “How long do you suppose it’s going to take you to reach Munguia’s record of 38-0 with 30 KOs?” A good trainer like Frank Barajas knows how to keep things in perspective and replied “It’s certainly not going to happen in one night.”                                            Over the years Jorge Chavez (c) has benefitted big time from a cadre of fine CYAC coaches. 

Inspirational? Certainly! And one thing Jorge Chavez can always count on? All those congratulatory handshakes, pats on the back, the hugs from his girl friend and family members. To this point, the National City CYAC has certainly produced more than their share of amateurs who went on to turn Pro. Before moving on from that National City CYAC, Chavez realized the importance of hooking up with a standout trainer and that’s why he’s now being guided by Coach Frank Barajas.

Incidentally, for those of you who missed Saturday’s Boxing Show in Anaheim, you can still get to see it on DAZN. The referee for that Chavez vs Aguilar bout was the highly respected veteran Tom Taylor. 

The rest of the results from Saturday’s exciting fightcard are as follows:

Welterweight Alexis Rocha from Irvine, Calif., one of Jorge Chavez’s pre-fight sparring partners, KO’ed his opponent Jeovanis Barraza (now 23-2) in the 9th round to improve his record to (18-1, 12 KOs).

Flyweight Arely Mucino improved to (30-3-2, 10 KOs) after winning a split decision victory over Jacky Calvo now (14-7-2). Middleweight D’Mitrius Ballard now (21-0-1) won a unanimous decision victory over Paul Valenzuela Jr. now (26-10). Lightweight William Zepeda, now (24-0) stopped his opponent John Vincent Moralde now (24-5) at 1:59 of the 4th round and Alejandro Reyes now (5-0) stopped Osmel Mayorga now (2-3) at 1:24 of Round 2. In the final bout of the evening, they had Super Bantamweight Felix Mendez Vasquez (now 0-2), who mentioned he’s also from San Diego by way of Texas, lost his battle to Asa Stevens from Waianae, Hawaii who with his victory moved up to 2-0.

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